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  1. Pueblo, Colorado

    Hello everyone. I didnt know where else to post this. I am a detectorist out of South Texas. I am a truck driver and travel around the country. I normally don't carry around my metal detecting gear due to having limited space in my semi truck. I will be staying this weekend 10/07 to 10/09 in...
  2. Bordentown/Fieldsboro NJ area detecting

    Hello everyone. My name is Javier and I and I am a semi truck driver and a metal detectoist from way South Texas. Im in the Fieldsboro/Bordentown Loves truck stop and will be here for the weekend completing a reset. I dont have means of getting around since im in a semi truck. Anyone in the area...
  3. Token/coin

    It makes sense. Matches the date from the remaining piece of sidewalk and most of the coins I found were from the 40's.
  4. Token/coin

    Went out for a quick hunt and found this token/coin in Donna, TX. It's obviously from Kirtland AFB but I cant find any info on it online. Anyone know what these were used for? Says N.C.O Dining room Kirtland AFB and has the number 48 on the back side.
  5. Mystery brass item

    Found this at an old homesite. Now it's just a field. I habe pulled up an 1899 V nickel and other interesting things. But this item which appears to be made of brass stumps me. I was thinking shoehorn or some kinda spur. I really have no idea. It has little wheels which one is missing.
  6. Help with this one guys! No idea

    Printing press plate. I found a plate with reverse image. It has the name of the newspaper stamped on the backside.
  7. Early 1900s Navajo spork

    What is the coin next to standing liberty quarter?
  8. TNET Giveaway - Multi Sluice

    I'm in.
  9. Whats the average age of T-Netters If U dont mind

    I'm 35 been a member since Feb. 2006
  10. Surface finds from 1799 Tavern

    You are one lucky guy!! Not too many friendly folks out there. Good luck and keep us posted on your finds. Something tells me there are some goodies out there.
  11. Old Mexican Silver Grail Story Of South Texas

    Mr.Chivo, there are a few guys from Rio Grand city that detect. They pulled out a nice military sword from a vacant lot in town. We have a club here in the RGV and get together monthly for hunts and yearly for our seeded hunt. Roma and the surrounding areas are rich in history. Im from Pharr...
  12. Extremely Unexpected!!!

    Awesome finds!! If the ring is silver I personally would take it to get repaired and l'd wear it.
  13. My Next Metal Detector

    Those are some interesting finds
  14. First silver finally on the board!!

    Congrats!! My first silver was also a merc dime!
  15. Calling all F4 users!

    I have nevr used an f2 or f5. I have an f4 and I am very happy with this machine. Depth is average compared to other machines in the same category. I used to own a bounty hunter and almost gave up on metal detecting due to the big learning curve of the machine. The f4 is very simple to use...
  16. Found some old silver in the Sierras this weekend

    Heck of a hunt! Congrats on the silver finds!
  17. Quick hunt yields two first for the newbie with my "old timy" detector!

    What do you mean? Your finds are as great as all the others on here. We all have our own definition of "treasure". Might not be a rare old coin but they are still some cool finds in my book. Congrats on that nice ring!!
  18. Strange Penny?

    A detecting buddy of mine recently found a nickel the size of a quarter. Hope someone has some info on these oversized coins.