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  1. Just a little gold

    No, I couldn’t find even the hint of a mark and I really looked.
  2. Just a little gold

    Picked up these unmarked 14k earrings at thrift today for $4, they weigh in at 3.6 grams. I might not have looked very closely at them except I recently priced a 14k ring with a very similar ball on top for an estate sale. It’s been so quiet in here lately, hope this finds you all well.
  3. A strange coincidence

    It’s gorgeous, what a great find!
  4. Watercolor or ink scroll paintings

    That’s about what I thought, thanks for taking the time. I also liked them, just don’t have the wall space, hope they went to a good home.
  5. Watercolor or ink scroll paintings

    Hi guys, I’m helping to set up for an estate sale and was wondering if anyone could give me any info on these pieces. They measure about 30” by 48” and I’m having trouble finding anything comparable.
  6. Sterling Candlestick Holder

    I also think of it is smash therapy! You can also empty sterling knife handles this way.
  7. Tall candlesticks--need help with makers mark

    I use 18k testing acid to test for silver, you’re looking for a bright white/bluish reaction. Much easier to see than the acid for testing silver that comes with a kit.
  8. $15 bag of junk jewelry

    Picked up a bag of jewelry at an antique mall on my way home today, found this sterling & 18k David Yurman quatrefoil necklace hidden in the middle.
  9. Vintage Sterling Pin

    It’s gorgeous.
  10. Recent finds: gold, silver, brass, and bonus dug bottles

    Thank you for the information!
  11. Recent finds: gold, silver, brass, and bonus dug bottles

    Here is a little roundup of some recent finds. First is a 14k white gold & amethyst ring that I got at a TS for three bucks. The stone has a couple of deep red inclusions and I think it’s gorgeous, I’m going to resize it and gift it to my grandma for Christmas, it’s her birthstone. The letter...
  12. Inlaid wooden table & chairs, Eastern European?

    I love it, it’s like something out of a Russian fairy tale even though it’s not that old. I also wanted something that could accommodate a crowd for D&D and this could easily seat ten with the leaves in.
  13. Inlaid wooden table & chairs, Eastern European?

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate you taking the time to post this, you’ve answered most of the questions I had 😊
  14. Inlaid wooden table & chairs, Eastern European?

    I am in the process of moving and was in the market for a dining set, found this on CL for $300 and ended up paying $250 for the table, two leaves and six chairs. They are still tagged with stickers that I think are in Cyrillic? I am not trying to resell but am definitely interested in learning...
  15. found another rolex 18k in a jewelry bag is this one real?

    I would still test the case & back. I have purchased a fake Rolex that was still solid 14k gold before.
  16. Single best silver score ever!

    Today I went to sell some scrap I had been accumulating and on my way home I stopped at a GW I have had luck at before. In among a rack of pot & pan lids I found this beauty. It weighs 2.5 lbs and that is a women's size 8 sandal for size reference. The maker is L. Maciel, a Mexican silversmith...
  17. Hamilton Langley

    It's gorgeous! :love10:
  18. Big silver for a small price :)

    Yesterday I was cleaning some stuff out of the garage and decided to drop it at GW as the independent store I usually donate to was closed. Even though I'm not treasure hunting full time anymore I can never say no to a quick look around so into the store I went, and found almost a pound of .800...
  19. If this were a diamond I would be so happy.

    Update: got around to testing this today and IT IS INDEED A DIAMOND. Tomorrow I'm taking it to the fancy local jeweler I prefer and see what they think, I've never consigned with them because their commission is obscene (like at or near 50%) but if they are going to do all of the heavy lifting...
  20. Beautiful heavy silver bowl?

    It's a nice piece, my guess is that the mark to the right of the castles is the letters EP for electroplated.