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  1. Want to try Dowsing?

    Forked Willow Branch water dowser Yeah, even old time water dowsers that are good are rare now. Knew one that used a forked willow branch and he always located very good volume flow potable water charging only $75 with his personal guarantee.
  2. Plans set for electronic receiver

    L-Rods do not cancel l out false signals. Those need to be cancelled out to get the correct signal line you areafter, so I am summing your invention in progress is two units, not one? One stuck in the ground to cancel, second to pick up the signal? Some guys in Turkey and Bulgaria independently...
  3. Want to try Dowsing?

    So Art, the way to GO seems to be, get close with rods. then get out the detector and start swinging baby!!
  4. Great 2017

    Keep us posted of your newest finds Vince! CONGRATS!! :treasurechest::treasurechest::treasurechest::treasurechest:
  5. Want to try Dowsing?

    NEVER give up. Dowsing works. Mel Fisher used dowser to locate the Atocha treasure. "Today is the day!" HH. :skullflag:
  6. Plans set for electronic receiver

    signal_line READ THIS BRO!!! <3 - 3> signal_line, I told you -->>before<<-- already.....PM--->>ME Anytime, bro!!! F&^% this sh(* QUIT BEING a "victim" and WRITE to me, bro!!
  7. United States Treasure Trove Files

    Do you have the map listed: "2. ARIZONA. Development Board. Treasure map[of Arizona. Phoenix, Ariz. , 1962?] ca. 1:3,600,000. 11 X 9 in. col."???? thnx.
  8. United States Treasure Trove Files

    Treasure Maps For Sale? AARC, Are you saying you have hard copies of ALL the maps for sale? Or sell them in pdf's via internet?
  9. Can anybody narrow this lead.

    Some people say that Terry & Penfield were one and the same....idk.
  10. Can anybody narrow this lead.

    Arizona lead I believe dowser gave up on this years ago...THANKS for posting these details , though, Tod!!!
  11. United States Treasure Trove Files

    There are literally 10's of thousands of leads listed here only as references. Kinda anti-climatic and quite sad.....
  12. United States Treasure Trove Files

    How to get copies of maps listed? Hi Jeff, THANKS for posting what you found!! Yet, this publication being over 50 years old, how does one go about getting a copy of specific maps that are listed? Publishers move and go out of business, etc....seems to me like a dead end if seeking specific...
  13. Re: Pirate Wreck In Tampa Bay

    AARP: Well, I was hoping some other people in the tread knew you as they, too are in Florida like yourself. I am extremely impressed by your "resume" as noted in your profile information. WOW!! Somebody who actually knew and worked for MEL FISHER!!:icon_thumleft: There has been some talk in the...
  14. Re: Pirate Wreck In Tampa Bay

    Kinda off-topic, but anybody know this man?
  15. Plans set for electronic receiver

    :thumbsup: :thumbsup:I AM WITH YOU BROTHER!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  16. Plans set for electronic receiver

    LET'S GO FIND OUT TARGETS - FOLLOW OUR DREAMS!! :coins:signal_line, DO NOT get discouraged!! After all, YOU are the one that MOTIVATED me some while ago when you made your comments about the ELIMINATOR e120 unit imagelocators(dot com) sells out of Greece!! I have a very small pension and how I...
  17. Any Map Dowsers Care to Try Your Skills??

    Any update? thnx.
  18. Avila,California,Bandits Cave------------maybe a reserve or stae park ?/Solvang

    Some REALLY GREAT tips given here. THANKS!! ;-)
  19. Plans set for electronic receiver

    DUDE!! WHATEVER YOU, DO NOT LET THEM SCARE YOU INTO AN UNECESARY SURGERY!! THERE ARE MANY GREAT ALTERNATIVES THAT DO ACTUALLY WORK!!! Ozone Therapy is just one. Cancer is mainly a growth that thrives in an oxygen depleted environment. Flood it with oxegyn and it dies. No need for the archaic...
  20. Plans set for electronic receiver

    $300 - $400 per unit is the "sweet spot"!!! Glad you are feeling better!! :thumbsup: QUESTION: Metal detectors sell for $100.00 to $8,000.00. So, what do you mean by "mid-range"? $4,000 per unit? You'd get a lot more $$$ total/gross sales if you are in $300-$400 range, though.:coins: Does it...