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  1. Two silver coins and Bear Tooth pendant from Iron Age!

    Hi guys! Finding some stuff from Iron Age has been on the top of my bucket list all this time I have been metal detecting. And now it finally happened by flying colors!! :hello2: I found Bear Tooth pendant which is piece of costume decoration from Vikings era, so that means it's about 1000 years...
  2. Metal detecting videos from Finland

    Hi guys! I'm making more English subtitles to my channel, I have added own playlist for videos with English subtitles, please check it out and remember to subscribe my channel as well!:
  3. Again gold ring from 18th century!

    Okay guys, this is not a joke... I found another gold ring from 18th century. It's not as fancy as my previous one but it's still very rare find and I can't believe that this has happened already twice for me during this season! Here is the link for the video, I added this time English...
  4. 🥇 BANNER Amazing old gold ring!

    Hello guys and thank you for the congrats! I made English subtitles for this video so it gives you even better understanding about how thrilled I was about this discovery! I'm going to make subtitles to most of my videos and I have created play list in my Youtube channel called "Metal detecting...
  5. 🥇 BANNER Amazing old gold ring!

    Yes, they give some kind of compensation for the items they keep.
  6. 🥇 BANNER Amazing old gold ring!

    We need to report every piece over 100 years old to Finnish National Museum. Then they will tell if you need to send it to their collection or can you keep it on yourself. I just got answer about this ring that at least they want me to send it to museum but it's not sure yet if they will keep it...
  7. 🥇 BANNER Amazing old gold ring!

    Thank you to everyone for congrats and banner! This is so amazing find, I have been going through history books and tried to find out the story of this ring and I think I got lucky and found out the original owner of this ring! It's not 100% sure yet but quite close. And no, Frodo didn't lost...
  8. 🥇 BANNER Amazing old gold ring!

    Okay guys, I don't even have words anymore... I found something crazy yesterday, I don't know yet for sure how old this gold ring is but my best estimate is 17th or 18th century. Here are the pics: And here is link for the video. Video is in Finnish but you can still see better those...
  9. Four items from medieval period

    I think I need to go back there, all those items were quite close to each others so there prolly is some goodies left in the ground :)
  10. Four items from medieval period

    What a day!! One silver coin, 2 öre from 1591 and four medieval items! Two fruit knife ends, one really cool lead dice and silver ring with some gold coating left on it. Amazing, I can't describe how excited I am at the moment! :D
  11. Two silvers from 16th century during same day

    Yes, I understand that it is an issue... I have done captions in some videos but that's too much work to make them in every video. I could try to make some video in English but I can't speak it very well so I'm not sure if anyone understands me... :)
  12. Two silvers from 16th century during same day

    Today was a great day! 1/2 öre from 1587 and 2 öre from 1573! More detecting days like this please! :D
  13. Medieval Virgin of the Apocalypse figure

    Here is backside
  14. Medieval Virgin of the Apocalypse figure

    This is why i LOVE metal detecting! I found something truly amazing yesterday. I didn't even realize what it is when I found it but very soon I got comments from museum that this is Virgin of the Apocalypse figure from 15th century! Material is apparently gold plated silver. It could be part of...
  15. My first gold ring!

    First time in water with my Deus and I hit 18k gold ring! Great start I would say! :headbang: Here is a video of my hunt with english caption:
  16. Two days, three Russian wire coins from 1600-1700

    Today I found number 4 :headbang:
  17. Two days, three Russian wire coins from 1600-1700

    We have quite active group in facebook where is few thousand people, I think 500-1000 of them are active metaldetectors. It's getting more and more popular all the time.
  18. Two days, three Russian wire coins from 1600-1700

    Deus has been working like a charm now, I found three Russian wire coins in two days!! These are super duper great finds! :D
  19. 2 öre - Gustav Vasa 1541

    Amazing find, first dig today and found the second oldest coin I have ever found 8-)