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  1. walla walla

    there is a forgotten gold mine up mill creek have to hike back to it was first started in 1932 still stuff there from then pretty cool with shake cabin
  2. walla walla

    anyone found gold in the mts above walla walla?
  3. Probably the only Indian grinding stone made from lanite

    i am also in Burnet co nice rock....
  4. DOC NOSS-Victorio Peak OR The Caballo Mountains

    Very sorry to hear that sad time
  5. ✅ SOLVED Cast iron cannon identification

    mine has rubber wheels and a good sparker
  6. Inspecting our mine after the earthquakes

    very cool video
  7. I seen this pile in some old woods not sure what they are

    but what is a turpine tar pan
  8. What is it???,air tool?

    Alien "inspection" Tool
  9. 1964 Morgan silver dollar ???

    i dont think you can spend it either
  10. 1964 Morgan silver dollar ???

    its clad
  11. Squirrel or beaver effigy?

    not a flake or mark on it.....natural
  12. Found an Old Pocketwatch

    i think there was a lever that you could adjust the speed a little.. if the watch was a little fast or slow
  13. Symbols found ... square root?

    well those last 2 rocks dont look like random "squiggles" to me just my opinion jonesy
  14. What is it?

    im going to guess mastodon tooth???
  15. DOC NOSS-Victorio Peak OR The Caballo Mountains

    my wife and i really had a good time in the Caballos. we were drywashing found good gold in every pan Jonesy
  16. TNET Giveaway - Multi Sluice

    yessss im in
  17. In Memory of cptbil/cptbild ~ Treasure Net Member

    he will be missed was hoping to meet up with him in the caballos one day
  18. Fires around Walla Walla

    Well ive been watching the news and the fire maps show east of walla walla burning up! Very sad , theres a cabin up there (been said it is lost) in the fire zone , I think. first time I went there with my dad I was 16,, I'm 58 now. the cabin was built around 1931 32 . nice creek right next to...
  19. Vanessa

    hi there Vanessa welcome