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  1. Need help to detect gold bars 4-6 feet deep

    GPR is always a good option. Something like the oerad dipolo should show any ground disturbances at that depth.
  2. Oak Island is closed until further notice - 2022

    The are still working on the Island. For updates, like the Facebook blog, The Other Side of the Causeway. The blog is from a landowner just across from Oak Island and she takes and posts pictures regularly. As of the last post on 7/29, heavy equipment is still working on the island.
  3. North Ga Treasure

    I enjoyed the Scudder graveyard video, thanks for sharing. I had read that the bones/bodies were reburied at the site but not in the original vaults. The historical society was going to rebuild the mausoleum but from your video it doesn't look like that ever happened.
  4. North Ga Treasure

    I did some research on the Red Bank Tribe caches buried in the area that you referenced. I have done some drive bys of the area and the biggest plot of land by far is pretty heavily posted with no trespassing signs. It is owned by a guy in Germany and seems to be caught up in litigation with...
  5. North Ga Treasure

    Is anyone here looking for the Hightower treasure in North Georgia?
  6. Gas Prices near you

    I paid $4.24 yesterday, didn't check the diesel price. North Georgia.
  7. Bigfoot anyone encounter the creature when detecting?

    Here are a few considerations: There are unexplained sightings, smells, footprints, and other evidence that is almost universal across cultures, geographies, and time periods. Stories of these creatures go back thousands of years and have similarities among cultures that were never in contact...
  8. Coinstar haul: 28 coins, 9 countries

    Do you have a Coinstar franchise?
  9. Oak Island is closed until further notice - 2022

    What! Ancient Aliens isn't factual? :wink:
  10. I need your help ...

    So sorry to hear about step-daughter. I have had two different family members in the same situation. There are now adult coloring books. Those and some colored pencils were a big help.

    I think a lot of it is the treasure shows that treat it like the definitive resource. I think for deeper targets it will work. I was getting a signal down to about 10 feet, though the top two feet were so noisy it would have been hard to determine what to dig at that depth. But that was my first...

    Took it out into the woods today for a test run. It operated for about 10 minutes and then I started getting a message that it could not find the radar. I also got an error message about the media source not being found on the tablet. I started and restarted the unit and the tablet several times...

    It was delayed but came yesterday. Setup isn't too bad and walked it around the backyard this afternoon. It worked and I was getting readings. It isn't too heavy but you still have to carry it around. Learning to interpret the readouts and gain a sense of what I am looking at is going to take...
  14. 71st birthday!

    Happy Birthday. There is a line from the play Pippin that says, "I believe if I refuse to grow old, I can stay young till I die." Thanks for keeping the dream alive.

    I have one on order and will be arriving late this week. I will let you know my experience.
  16. Cave Spring GA Newspaper Article

    Definitely stories about Cherokees returning in the early 1900s to dig up treasure they have hid. The most famous is in Forsyth County, but I had not heard this one. Thanks for sharing.
  17. North Georgia Questions

    There are two books I would recommend. Cry of the Eagle by Forest Wade and Georgia's Fabulous Treasure Hoards by Ernest Andrews. Most of the legends surround gold hidden by the Cherokee's prior to the Trail of Tears and lost mines. Though there are a few civil war legends. I am in Forsyth County...