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  1. Goodwill workers in NJ find original 1774 'rebel' newspaper

    When I lived in Western/Southern NJ, this was my local GW. Used to shop here almost daily between the years 2010-2013. Still do occasionally.
  2. lousy season

    Umm, what?
  3. lousy season

    Rant! Bear with me... This picking season has been pretty lousy (I am only talking about buying stuff). Garage sales have been significantly fewer and finds have been sparse. Really... The market is changing dramatically. I am seeing (second hand) stores closing up. Hot spots and honey...
  4. I need your opinion

    Yes, please be nice to the people with 7 posts who ask pointless questions while adding nothing of value to the forum.
  5. Treasure Chest of Goodies on Ebay?

    There are so many issues with this, I don't even know where to begin. Good luck...
  6. One of a kind?

    Is this a joke?
  7. Estate Sale Foreign Currency

    Had to have been quite a few years ago. They stopped using these in 2002.
  8. EBay case

    What exactly am I missing here? You all are talking about the buyer as though they committed some sort of wrongdoing. From the story: The buyer bought and paid for an item on ebay. The item did not show up when it was shown as delivered in the system. The buyer used ebay's own system as put...
  9. George II HALFPENNY English Mind or American made?

    Saying it is American/colonial contemporary counterfeit is the same things as saying it is MM. Anything with a Vlack # is considered part of the "MM" series by collectors. I understand that some of them may not have been made at Machin's Mills. If you cannot attribute your coin to a Vlack #...
  10. Bad luck with garage sales this year?

    Funny. I used to buy everything. I was unfocused and bought loads of crap. After dumping that same crap at my own yard sale or simply throwing it away, I got focused and disciplined. Now, I only buy records, coins, video games, jewelry, vintage stereo equipment, and a small handful of...
  11. George II HALFPENNY English Mind or American made?

    An "American forgery" implies Machin's Mills (MM). Your coin is not MM.
  12. Thoughts and opinions

    What you are proposing to do is a losing proposition. I highly suggest you learn a LOT more about coins in general before you even consider trying the "crackout" game. Best of luck.
  13. EBay case

    If the buyer didn't receive the package they paid for, what else would you expect them to do? They did exactly what they are supposed to do in this situation. This process (buyer/seller protection) has been in place for YEARS. You must know this?
  14. Free box of 78's

    As a record guy myself, I avoid these at all costs. I recently picked up a collection that had 2 dozen 78s included. Several of them have already broken while in my possession due to being extremely brittle from age alone. Not to mention, most are worthless, unfortunately.
  15. Questions regarding identification of three coppers: Any help?

    You are relying too much on weight/diameter for identification of old coppers . You know the first one is a KGII halfpenny, likely genuine (regal). The other 2 are most likely also KGII or KGIII halfpennies. Try highlighting with skin oils to see if any details pop in varying light conditions.
  16. Calling Counterfeit Copper Collectors! Machin Mills?

    What makes you think this is MM? It is not. I would say it is a genuine KGII halfpenny but hard to tell because of the severe corrosion. It could be a counterfeit of British origin, but unlikely based on the details I can make out.
  17. 2000 cent not normal

    Well then how about instead of posting the same pic over and over again, feel free to share your wisdom with us.
  18. rough start turned into a great day!

    I guess I do take it for granted. I find more coin silver than any other kind of silver. People often overlook it because it is usually not marked with anything besides the maker's hallmark. Another one of those things where having actual knowledge (mostly thanks to research and support from...
  19. rough start turned into a great day!

    Set out this morning... Drove over an hour only to get skunked. Hard. Found renewed determination and decided to head south towards home. Decided to stop at the only "advertised" sale I had marked for the day (the rest being cold calls and following signs). Man did that final stop pay off...
  20. How Can Ebay Do This?

    Been going on like this for years. This is just part of buyer/seller protection. Ebay is basically self insured for stuff like this... A cost of doing business. You are reading too much into it.