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  1. Stumbled across some shipwreck pieces

    Thank you so much for the information. I thought the sea turtle rib was some type of wood, lol. I have had the iron piece about two weeks and it is starting to crumble, should I still put it in water? Is well water okay?
  2. Sterling at the Goodwill

    Awesome find!
  3. Stumbled across some shipwreck pieces

    Thanks for the welcome. Wish I could make it to Florida for the cookout. Maybe next year.
  4. Stumbled across some shipwreck pieces

    Hello All, I'm new to this site and to "treasure hunting." I've discovered some interesting finds recently in the same general vicinity of the North Carolina coast and I believe these pieces might be important and could be related to the Spanish shipwrecks of 1750. Looking for information on...
  5. El Salvador shipwreck in NC

    I am new to this forum. Just curious if anyone has heard anything about El Salvador recently. I have found many pieces of a very old shipwreck recently including actual pieces of the ship, broken olive jar shards, broken pieces of very thick green glass bottles and several pieces of concretion...