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  1. Help identifying buckle

  2. Help identifying buckle

    Found this buckle And have found one like it but smaller a long time ago at an old plantation. This one was at a park in the creek don't know much about earthier of them would really like to know more about this one. I think its horse tac but I'm not sure. If anyone has any info or origin know...
  3. Large round ball uncomplete mold

    I do concur that it was found 10 to 15 feet where my dad excavated a union button in the fence and other civil war items related to that era. So it was a civil war camp site. Just never can know if if was in there pocket or another's.
  4. Large round ball uncomplete mold

    Hey no problem, education is education no matter how you take it i base what something is by facts more than anything thanks again for the info it is much appreciated.
  5. Large round ball uncomplete mold

    I think this is a possible confederate slug the grain is 356.48 it's about an inch long and half an inch wide give it take? Thoughts, concerns?
  6. Large round ball uncomplete mold

    Well I got it weighed and converted equaling 402.78 grains. Telling me most likely was 410 and civil war as a-posed to Texas revolution. Well the hunt continues, in the mean time I know where a civil war camp was that hasn't been established with the others. :)
  7. Possible historic find?!!

    What era of time do y'all believe its common with? Or when did they start threading common household appliances. With such metals?
  8. Possible historic find?!!

    What era of time do y'all believe its common with? Why did they start threading household items?
  9. Large round ball uncomplete mold

    Wow man thank you so much please be my friend so I may confide in your knowledge. I have quite a few lead finds and know a little but I know there ls a great deal of knowledge to be learned. I really appreciate to taking the time to educate me. You have no idea how much that helps. I'll let you...
  10. Possible historic find?!!

  11. Large round ball uncomplete mold

    So I know this is a round ball what I want to know is it's caliber and why it looks unfinished. Was it a bad mold? Did he not finish cutting the slag? What the story to your knowledge for why it looks like it does? It is about 3/4 of an in diameter of just the ball.
  12. Possible historic find?!!

  13. Possible historic find?!!

    Could it be a coupling that serves as pipping for a house? Possible 1830 to 1840 era?
  14. Possible historic find?!!

  15. Possible historic find?!!

    Not junk if it's relate to damn houston
  16. Possible historic find?!!

    Ok I really need some help on this is someone can tell me what I want to hear that is if it is what I'm hoping? This piece is composed of brass and has a lead pipe sticks out of what looks like a fitting. It has threads inside the other end as to thread onto something keeping the lead in place...
  17. Knife and spoon

    No magnetic pull id say brass cause you can see the red discharge coming threw a little on the back
  18. Knife and spoon

    Here is my spoon fully cleaned. Colby's stamped in the handle it's interesting regardless of the age. But what does it look like is it nickel casted or 1900 aluminum??
  19. Another detroit finck button?

    Yah I kinda figured I had looked up the other I found and dated it later than that so you kinda. Made me feel better knowing it's earlier than I had originally perceived. I appreciate it
  20. Mystery button?

    :( when my dad sees it he will probably say the same thing I dunno I see I one and I kinda messed up a lil iron deposit cleaning it I'll have to use the machine my pops has and see.