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  1. San Diego Metal Detecting Club

    Hello Coinshooters. Just ran across this. Brought back alot of fond memories of my early days in this hobby. Was a member of the club in the late 1970's while stationed at 32nd street Navy base. Learned alot from many people. Of course many have passed on as I was a young guy at the time and...
  2. You wont believe this coin spill!

    Always nice to pull multiple old coins from one hole. Just one comment. Please please please do not rub dirt from silver coins. It will scratch them every time.
  3. Killer Beaver found!

    You need to get rid of them however necessary. They will make a mess out of the whole area. Had some on neighboring property. They built a dam that got bigger each time they rebuilt it. Would take an excavator to remove it. Turned a large area, probably 15 acres into a wet flooded mess. Took...
  4. Attention URGENT your help needed NOW to avert a parks closure

    Unfortunately I just found out about it so we are doing it on very short notice. Normally I would send letters out but not enough time. Yes this guy made an error but he thought he was doing the right thing so I cannot truly fault him. The real problem is the attitude of the parks board. The...
  5. Attention URGENT your help needed NOW to avert a parks closure

    New info has come to our attention on this matter. We may have been acting on incomplete reporting. Please disregard this until we are able to clarify what is happening. ATTENTION NEEDED IMMEDIATLEY The Mason City, Iowa Parks Department will be meeting onTuesday October 13 at 6:00 pm. On...
  6. 1914D in change!

    From this photo I can see a halo of a 4 under the 1. My opinion its altered.
  7. Us navy yard tool?

    The one marked Navy Yard is a marking gauge. It is missing the scribe. It is a wood patternmakers tool. Used to scribe lines on wood while building the patterns. I used them myself prior to the trade going to vernier measurements and now CNC. If you are wondering what a wood pattern...
  8. Gettysburg PA Magnet Fishing

    That "looking for keys" will get you a ticket and possibly arrested.
  9. 4 hours and all I get is a shave,-but not from a Barber

    Some may not like what I am saying but has to be said. You found an interesting token and you quickly put it on ebay. Even before doing proper research to even know what you have. Yes you found it and you can do with it what you wish. Here are some words of wisdom from someone who has been...
  10. Gorgeous 1801 large cent!!!!!

    Now thats funny!
  11. 1802 One Cent Piece! Holy how do i clean it???

    I would not use olive oil. I quit using it as it darkens the coin consideradly and there is no way to reverse it. Use mineral oil. It is a bit slower but does not darken the coin. As to value you can not go simply by condition of the detail. A coin may have xf detail but do to pitting and...
  12. found in pennies

    Intersting. It has the definite look of a dug coin. The color and the appearence of edge flaking.
  13. old detector Found by a friend given to me

    Fisher M-70 (metalert). Do not know when it was first manufactured or when they were discontinued but I know they were available in the early 70's. It was originally designed as an industrial detector but was also used for coins etc. I have a copy of the manual and sales brochure.
  14. M

    Just saw your message. From the same fields? Have not been out much. Either busy or stopped by...

    Just saw your message. From the same fields? Have not been out much. Either busy or stopped by the weather. Most of my fields still have crops on them. Did get to one about two weeks ago and dug 6 flat buttons and an 1838 half dime that was exposed on the surface.
  15. Update on OFallon. MO

    That is actually the results of the initial council meeting from April 11th where the ordinance was passed. The meeting that took place on the 25th repealed the whole thing. Councilman Pepper ask for it to be reconsidered. The vote was 9 to 1 in favor of repeal. President of the Midwest Club...
  16. Metal Detector Hobbyists Restricted Must Turn Over Finds

    Some of the council members are working to amend this. They very much disagree with it and the manner in which it was done. Stay tuned. Mark Schuessler FMDAC president
  17. Bicentennial In My Change!

    Hate to burst your bubble but they are worth exactly 25 cents. There were more of them minted then any other quarter at least up to 1976. A lot of people hoard them and it's really a useless thing to do. Unless you just like the coin so much. I have had a number of face to face discussions on...
  18. Last years beach scrap silver-melted into bars!

    The only problem with doing that is that it may be real hard to sell them. As jewelry they are marked and identifiable. Now they are just a silver colored metal that many buyers may pass on. Only those with testing capabilities and/or willing to maybe take a chance will buy them.
  19. How to Remove Dirt From Dug Silver Coins

    Instead of holding the coin under running water I lay the coin on top of some toothpicks in a bowl of hot soapy water. Leave it there until the water cools. That softens up the dirt. Then I hold it running water and continue as you do.
  20. REALLY!!!people were throwing money out there windows

    Many years ago in my younger days, I was on active duty at Naval Station San Diego. One day my room mate was getting ready to do his laundry. He pulled several pennies from a pants pocket and said "just pennies". The window was open (no screens) and just a few feet away. He threw them out the...