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  1. Deus 2 DOA

    Turns out as expected, bad coil but Rob in Texas was quick to replace!
  2. Deus 2 DOA

    Ah life's great, eh? O waited with great anticipation for new Deus 2 to arrive looking forward to getting some fall field time in. Nope, dead coil out of the box and now I have to submit a service request, send it in and wait. Tickled pink...
  3. I Fought the Good Fight guys….

    So here I started with only the best intentions of seeking out deep and profound knowledge as it pertains to new technology and detectors that rise above. Well…. One thread lead to another then 2 then 3, before I knew it I was rattling down the hallways of XP Nirvana-isims. So intriguing we’re...
  4. Top 5 metal detectors for 2018.

    So, I'm reading this as the best machines and yet no one mentioned the Nokta Invenio? This is a revolution in our sport and aside from the entry price will change how some of s hunt again. Sure you can dig everything or analyze more beforehand. It's going to be a few weeks but I'm ordering one.
  5. Nokta Invenio tutorial vidoes

    I'm seriously thinking about purchasing one, I mean can imagine how this opens up those pounded out areas? Think of the plowed fields with targets beyond reach. For me, I love colonial sites and te ability to process numerous metals and targets in small areas. How many caches have been scanned...
  6. Chesapeake bay, underwater... I promise I have tried to find the answer...

    Mean High Water! You are free to roam and dive up to that mark so when a local sheriff asks you to come up on shore to "chat" stay in the water. Only when you are inside a marked swimming area does the park have jurisdiction. Besides, not many people will bother you when you spend a couple of...
  7. Gray Ghost Amphibian UW head phones

    Love mine, have them for my land and U/W detectors and they are a good investment. Customer svc was great too. I dive alot and the stock headphones were terrible as my hearing is not what it used to be. Make the investment, they are a great tool.
  8. Just Curious..What Are Your Thoughts On The New Diggers Episodes

    Let's look beyond our "professional" assessments of the show and it's construct, but at least consider that it does mitigate some of the negativity that some of the public may have of our sport. First, I would tell you that they are not making much from the show being aired, while they are not a...
  9. coin_diver

    So tell me, what have you guys been diggin!? Been meaning to get together but been away so much...

    So tell me, what have you guys been diggin!? Been meaning to get together but been away so much this year. Been working down around Chatham NY and there are quite a few water holes and beaches that we should go check out. Drop me a note and tell me how your fall was!
  10. The New Guy From NY

    Welcome to a great sport and you will find some great new friends too. I am in CNY an after 25yrs happy to teach some tricks if interested. Looking forward to spring but still out now!
  11. Shipwreck treasure returns to Spain from Florida - bad precedent

    I'd place odds that out attorney general somehow suggested to the involved judge that "returning" the treasure would set a good precedent with the Spanish. Better to burn our citizens than offend the international community..... Hope and change
  12. Best river scoop?

    Better start looking into a hookah, nothing else works.
  13. Anyone care to hunt?

    Hi everyone, here on business for the next couple of weeks and boy, you sure have some old dirt around here! The ground is thawed and there is no loiage so lets get out to hunt a bit. I am staying in Rutland but am flexible, hard to go into a new area w/o a little local knowledge. Drop me a not...
  14. My way to water hunt!

    Yes, it will add 12# and nearly $500 for the 3.5 engine and compressor. BTW, the t-80 compressors are no longer made and will either offer the Keene or have them made directly overseas. However, I felt that it would obscure the real purpose of the machine. I may offer another OHV base engine...
  15. My way to water hunt!

    The coin and relic uses a 14'' where as the coinvac no longer uses a sluice, it goes into sliding tray and a crash box. It was these two items that i spent so much time to get right. You can build a basket w expanded metal.
  16. My way to water hunt!

    A direct link to the specifications page is here; Thanks
  17. My way to water hunt!

    Per the holes, it doesn't however the hole left behind is so small it fills almost immediately. Per the DNR, if you were to study the sedimentary plume from scooping vs. the vac you'd find there is equal siltation from lifting a scoop to the surface and shaking it or pouring it into the screen...
  18. My way to water hunt!

    All items considered during design. It has an underwater exhaust and add'l baffling making it very quiet. The trigger is mounted in the handle and is only run up to recover the target. A coil p/u was considered but didn't pan out. This was more efficient in testing. Fl is no different than any...
  19. My way to water hunt!

    Before the throttle control, perhaps but now with the water exhaust and control it is very quiet. Hardly noticeable from shore. My goals were to have no ambient interference while listening for whispers.
  20. Digging holes on California beaches carry 100 to 1,000 in fines???????

    They voted them in to "protect us" Vote 'em out. Isn't everyone sick and tired of the BS in regulating the public?