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  1. Batwing Buckle Survey. Got one?

    Hey guys, there?s a survey out for finders of Batwing buckles. Take a minute to fill it out and be part of the article to follow about these cool finds.
  2. advice on permissions

    Permissions are a hard thing to get good at but it gets easier. My site has a tab for permission and in there it gives my exact talk that I use. Give it a try
  3. Six More Colonial Coppers!

    That’s a day to remember. Nice
  4. Day 4 on new site; less finds, but one blew my mind.

    That's a great assortment of finds. Nice work HHunting
  5. Just digger poses

    Some mug shots over time. If you see me say hello.
  6. My Best finds of 2017 and some I just like

    I was a very lucky Detectorist in 2017. Before I mention the finds I want to say to the new guys and people in other areas of the USA to keep in mind that I do a lot of research and I hunt in the North East which is a help if you want to find really old things in the USA. That being said I did...
  7. 2 Center and a Nice Buckle.

    Very nice. Love a two center
  8. 3 Coppers, Pin Fire Shot Shell & A Button!

    That's a great day. Good for you
  9. The Pancake Shot

    My friends call this picture the pancake shot. It's from two hours this spring at a virgin colonial home site. The coins were mostly King George's and a few LCs 1742-1809
  10. Kind of an old hand but newbie here

    Hi Guys, I'm Todd AKA CTTodd I've been around the forums for a long time and it appears was here and signed up in 2012 but it might have been one of those Late Night Things. Well I'm back, sorry for the delay I'll read all the posts and get up to speed as soon as I can. I see a bunch of names I...
  11. Lets get started!

    OK not welcome see you
  12. Lets get started!

    Hello boys