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  1. Relic Thursday

    fantastic finds!
  2. need help to ID button, Japanese ww2??

    Hi everybody. Summer in central Va. so haven't been out to hunt for CW relics but bought some miscellaneous stuff at an auction and found this button. It's got what appears to be a Japanese battle flag, a soldier and some what I think are Japanese characters. I've googled it but can't find...
  3. two civil war shell weekend

    yes, there is a safe way to disarm it. I have done so and it is now safe to handle. If the housw catches fire, it would possibly present a risk but there Is a minimal amount of black powder left in the shell and so wouldn't explode
  4. two civil war shell weekend

    theoretically yes, if you mishandled it by throwing it in a fire or drilled it improperly it could explode but if handled with reasonable common sense it presents no inordinate hazard
  5. two civil war shell weekend

    Hit a new spot with my son this past weekend and came out with two artillery shells, my son had to dig for his, a damaged parrott shell while mine was barely two inches in the ground! Combination percussion timed fuse Schenkel! cleaned up nicely and will be back to try and see if we can't scare...
  6. 2018-My Favorite Civil War Finds

    In these days, that would be a great year for anyone!!
  7. Finally, A CS Buckle!

    still looking for one, congratulations on a great find! I know a guy who does amazing restoration work, private message me if you're interested
  8. Cartridge Box Finial?

    looks like one to me, good find!
  9. Wisconsin Coat button!

    Went to a spot that my son and I have hit dozens of times. Took a friend who hadn't been there before and I'm glad I did! He called me over to check out an eagle coat button he'd found and it made me switch my focus to another area in the woods. I got a weak signal at the base of a small holly...
  10. Bucket List Find - "Puppy Paw" US Buckle!

    Beautiful plate!Just rinse it in water, brush off any loose dirt and leave it alone!
  11. 1836 capped bust half dime 1859 IH and CW relics and more at old house site

    There's an eagle poking through the dirt on the back of that flat button, need to clean it off and see if there's anything else under there!
  12. Spencer Carbine Bullets Excavated from the Red River Campaign

    always love finding intact spencers, Great finds!
  13. Lead Sabot?

    looks like it could be, any perpendicular marks along the short aspect from the cannon barrel?
  14. Civil War Carbine Buckle

    nice! congratulations!
  15. CW Buckle Finally!

    great save congratulations!!
  16. experience, quality of equipment or patience a successful hunter

    learn your machine, hunt slowly and find good spots
  17. First SC button

    Nice! still looking for my first one!
  18. nice little bullet

    Found this new austrian in an area where mostly US three ringers and enfields have been found. Bullets don't usually get me too worked up but it's a little unusual. Thanks for looking and happy hunting!
  19. First CW Bullet

    nice job on finding the bullet, hope there are many more in your future!