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  1. Researchers open underwater 'living museum' in the Dominican Republic

    well OK this thread got my attention. Funny how the DR just opened a new museum in the capitol. And not one artifact displayed is not from a treasure hunting company. When they had contractors they got free archaeology. free excavation of shipwrecks (that by the way is very expensive.) they got...
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  7. Ocean Storm = New Wreck

    same copper sheathing nails. Le Scipion 1782. Didn't find any bronze spikes on this wreck, My guess round bronze ship nails? mid to late 19th century. Good luck with the wood. Not easy, look up preserving shipwreck wood with sugar water.
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  15. 16th century un-named shipwreck

    16th century un-named shipwreck

    though the permits to excavate this shipwreck was terminated before the wreck could be fully excavated i believe one day this wreck will go down as one of the more historically significant sites in the western hemisphere. For sure a ship carrying the King of Spains treasure.
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  19. New Admiralty Claim filed in the Keys

    Old man good luck with that. First strike he has against him is being that hated commercial fisherman who gets blamed for just about all the woes of the sea. I know because i was one in that same area for thirty years. Then he is in State waters and in the sanctuary. Duck Key multi-million...
  20. newby,.. with a story.. input needed.

    Nice, you would think they either threw out an anchor from keeping from going aground or rowed one out in the direction they came in on hoping to kedge themselves back off in the direction they came in on. That is important as it would show a compass direction from which the ship came. And a...