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  1. 🥇 BANNER 1859D GOLD $1 Woop!

    Depending on the condition it could worth up to 21,000 dollars.
  2. Excellent day! Gold AND silver!

    Great finds
  3. Little Jug

    Pretty cool find.
  4. metal detector

    Hi I have fisher f-2. It is beeping like crazy I have tried taking the batteries out and waiting it work well for few mins but goes back beeping. What is wrong with metal detector? Thanks Nick
  5. Its time to show you what I found.

    Lol that funny.
  6. Its time to show you what I found.

    I found this watch face.
  7. My first silver next find was a MERC!

    Great find silver is always a nice to find
  8. park

    Thanks to all for looking I hope to find more tmw searching old yard.
  9. park

    I found my first silver coin today.
  10. looking in park

    Here it is
  11. looking in park

    It just flat. I will take a pix and send it to u.
  12. looking in park

    I need help what is this? I found in a park yesterday.
  13. New Machine brings a Ring

    Nice ring I'm from Hammond we should go metal detecting sometime.
  14. 8hrs on new prop got a few keepers

    Hi Great finds I'm from Indiana. Nick
  15. Error Coin

    Thank you for your service. Nick
  16. any ideas on this find guys?

    Nice find that's pretty cool.
  17. ball park

    Maybe I will do that thanks!