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  1. Christmas Return

    Love these types of stories. Great job BOXXXER!
  2. Rare gun part found on campus

    cool stuff finding the old rifle part
  3. Beautiful day for low tones

    Sweet Ring, should have kept it hidden from the misses.
  4. An interesting find finds its way back home

    You did all detectorists a great service.
  5. 1840 half dime and other goodies

    Interesting stuff.
  6. Three ring day with the Equinox!

    any three rind day is a good day, congrats
  7. First farm hunt ... button and ball

    Buttons and Roundballs are always a great find.
  8. Another good German day!

    Congrats on the Phenning.
  9. It's ok to be nuts if it pays off

    Beautiful Barber!
  10. 🥇 BANNER 1850 Charleston "Porter" slave Tag

    Congratulations on such a cool banner find.
  11. Flintlock Powder Tester!

    Very cool!
  12. For sale or trade Equinox 600 with extras

    any interest in a like new tiger shark as part of a trade?
  13. Any one hardcore enough to detect this weekend?

    Toecutter, can't go this weekend but would be up to doing some maybe another weekend if the weather permits.
  14. Michigans lost colony ( Ora Labora )

    Never heard of it. Good luck.
  15. Found a class ring by "alternative methods"

    Nice recovery. Hope you find the rightful owner.
  16. 🥇 BANNER Chasing the dozer's and popping cherries, First US Gold Coin 1853-0 + a little Seated

    The seated would be great but a GOLD DOLLAR too. Id be dancing in the street. Fantastic finds.
  17. Ring Found at Grandmothers House!

    Nice looking ring design. Cool stuff.