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  1. 1817 George iii sixpence

    What a beauty! you got me back from the other night!
  2. WW1 Canadian Miliatry Badge

    Two good hunts in a row for me, this is in great condition front and back, it is a WW1 Canadian Military Badge, with the word "Perseverance" on the top and the words "Lord Strathcona's Horse Royal Canadians" around the center peice. It's heavy and sure looks like some silver but I dodnt see any...

    I didnt realize that I would still be living off the high I got from finding it a day ago, what a feeling!

    I found this coin this morning on a quick hunt by myself in an old park. I never hunt by myself and of course when I do I find my best coin to date! (Sorry Kiddo and Stoddy) wish you were there! But we are going back. When I saw it peaking through the bottom of my plug, I of course panicked and...
  5. Railroad token?

    No it doesn't stick to a magnet, just tried.
  6. Railroad token?

    It wouldn't be stamped on both sides if it was an electrical box knockout would it?
  7. Railroad token?

    I thought it was copper first but it has a weird purple-ish tint to it
  8. Railroad token?

    Found and token today, at least I think it's a token...the old foundation was dated to be 1800's. Both sides have the initials "TMK" one side you can see the TM more and the the other side you can only see the K. But you can tell both sides were stamped the same. It was close to an old railroad...
  9. 3 Beauty buttons

    Not one but 3 beautiful buttons today. I waiting a while to get some nice buttons and today was the day, what a great hunt!
  10. Great Condition 1843

    Had a great afternoon out on a nice beach hunt. Found this beauty in one scoop sitting about 3 inches. The detail this coin still has is amazing. You can even see the hair band perfectly and every strand of hair Victoria has. This was my only find of the day but made my short hunt a success!
  11. A nice week

    I made it out twice this week and both nights I came home satisfied. I'm starting to let my Garrett sing to me now on a daily bases it took a while to get used to it but with great training from my two buds my hunts are starting to pay off. Two spoons came out almost flawless along with a killer...
  12. First "fatty" Indian head penny

    Glad we got out, you called it...first 1800's! Can't wait for our next hunt.
  13. 1906 & 1907

    They do have some intricate designs, the detail is amazing when you think when these were made. I can't wait to start digging a collection of some U.S. coins. I never saw a National Park quarter I am going to look em up right now.
  14. 1906 & 1907

    My first two notable coin finds, pretty close in date and style. 1906 & 1907 Canadian One Cents. The feeling as my good buds describe knowing your about to unearth a coin is unexplainable, I am forever hooked now.
  15. Old Girl Guides?!?!

    Found this the other it seems to be pretty old but there are no markings or dates on the back and nothing online that resembles it that I have found. It is about the size of a loonie. I was thinking very old girl guide pin or broach. What strikes me funny is that she is shooting an arrow the...
  16. 3 large coppers in 30 min

    I can't believe I zigged when I should have zagged! Better you though than none of us at all!
  17. Help Please

    Lets go with this story it sounds great!
  18. Help Please

    great guess I have looked at these sash buckles and all have some sort of pin or a way to attach them on the back and this has nothing at all or was broken clean off. I would love to guess this is what it is! As well as the perfume pendant that is very intriguing, thanks for your time!
  19. Help Please

    I'm not sure what these are, I'm guessing the first was half of some sort of brooch maybe it has a great pattern, if you look closely there are 3 flowers on the left. It seems to me it looks like it perfectly cut in half, sadly enough the other side was no where to be found. And the second piece...
  20. Please help me date this!

    It's all in one piece but holding on by a thread. I'm nervous to try to clean it much more and I can't seem to find any markings what so ever on the back side. This fork is very small, probably 3/4 the size of an average fork. The pattern on the front was a great surprise found after cleaning...