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  1. Possible Oak Island Solution

    Still nothing factual to report? Still waiting...
  2. Possible Oak Island Solution

    Hydra Takes Out History Channel Oak Island
  3. Possible Oak Island Solution

    I've seen the 184 stone theory on Oak Island show and can't argue against it. I ask that people add more alternative interpretations so we can develop decision criteria and identify the most probable theories.
  4. Possible Oak Island Solution

    My beliefs have nothing to with solving the mystery. Only the beliefs of the Builders matter. If they believe in the interpretative power of numbers, then numbers are part of the answer. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all have beliefs based on numbers and planetary motion. Ignoring that fact...
  5. Possible Oak Island Solution

    Now I'm really confused. This link is to a very knowledgeable person who completely disagrees with the whole Templar scenario. I was doing your work for you! My position is pro-templar and I gave you a solid anti-templar source. Now you are saying that a solid source who agrees with your...
  6. Possible Oak Island Solution

    Templar Pentagrams on 2 islands! (1 is on Oak Island) What are the chances? I added a link so the debunkers can find some factual information. They seem to be running out of material.
  7. Possible Oak Island Solution

    As you are always eager to point out, anyone can draw a bunch of lines on a map. Freeman proved it with his excellent artwork. You all have the right idea but you have only addressed the builders’ part of the formula. That’s the easiest part because the builder controls every part of the...
  8. Possible Oak Island Solution

    Non sequitur, Noun: a conclusion or statement that does not logically follow from the previous argument or statement. My “previous argument”: I didn’t pick the starting locations. Boat Stone was discovered in Westford, Ma. during road construction. Stone markings were made by persons unknown...
  9. Possible Oak Island Solution

    non sequitur. Your arguments prove that Ptolemy was right.
  10. Possible Oak Island Solution

    Oh, and a book published in 2002
  11. Possible Oak Island Solution

    Still waiting for you to disprove any of the previous facts I've listed to support my position. I have put what I have in writing for everyone to see. I'm certain that I have made mistakes because it is exceptionally difficult to proofread your own work. I really do want everyone to critique...
  12. Possible Oak Island Solution

    Numbers 8 and 184
  13. Possible Oak Island Solution

    You have to admit that they have a great business plan. They started by sinking some of their own money into a money pit. Now they have a TV show, plenty of sponsors and press coverage, etc. Any loses are tax write offs and they have upgraded the entire islands infrastructure using other...
  14. Possible Oak Island Solution

    I'm just connecting dots.
  15. Possible Oak Island Solution

    Remember, I do not have real world GIS locations for the cross (etc.) so numbers may vary..
  16. Possible Oak Island Solution

    I agree with you completely. I really do. The odds are in your favor given the long string of failures to find anything that they were actually looking to find. The Portuguese are in the lead as near as I can tell. I have no idea who put anything anywhere. As someone said earlier, anyone can...
  17. Possible Oak Island Solution

    Going back to Oak Island. Zena's formula document gave the number 522 as a distance. The Southern Cross gave the distance from the South Beach Corner Stone to the Underworld Entrance as 520. Two separate sources giving the same number gives very strong support to Zena's other numbers regardless...
  18. Possible Oak Island Solution

    All 8 sides of the Miner property are at 8 different angles and are 8 different lengths. This gives the number 888 which is the number of Jesus’ name in Greek. All of this is conjecture! Do not act on it in the real world!
  19. Possible Oak Island Solution

    18-17-17 and 18-17-16 means. All of this is conjecture! Do not act on it in the real world!
  20. Possible Oak Island Solution

    Westford Boat Stone, 184 means "points out"