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  1. North Florida blunt scraper

    I believe this one was much larger and broke somewhere in the middle maybe and was used as a hafted scraper. Blunts like these are usually salvaged from broken points/knives.
  2. North Florida blunt scraper

    Savanna River blunt. 2.5 inches wide.
  3. North Florida Bolen

    Well used Bolen from Taylor county, Florida.
  4. Deep South Greenbriers
  5. Deep South Greenbriers

    Thank you! One of my favorite types.
  6. Jackson county Georgia rose quartz

    I’m not too familiar with Alabama types. There may be some subtype that matches its description better. But I would probably say a type of used up MM.
  7. Jackson county Georgia rose quartz

    The one I have is broke at the base at an angle. Probably broke during use. It does sort of look like the big brother to the point you have pictured. What state and county is that from? Almost seems like more of a round base guilford maybe.
  8. Deep South Greenbriers

    Type 1 & type 2
  9. Jackson county Georgia rose quartz

    I’m not %100 sure. Maybe some type of morrow mountain maybe type 2. Morrow mountains and guilfords are very common in this area. That’s almost all you find besides the occasional bolen or triangle/yadkin.
  10. Jackson county Georgia rose quartz

    Pf from my hometown many years ago.
  11. North Florida archaic stemmed

    Sweet color on this one.
  12. Insitu from North Florida

    Thanks. I get pictures and videos of everything I can. I tried to upload the video of me pulling it but it was too large. If you or anyone is interested in watching the video I have it uploaded here
  13. Covington Georgia Abbey

    I would assume hafted knife. And as antmike stated, an early stage. The middle center point on both sides is very smooth, almost can’t even even see the flaking. I believe it was used as a knife which resulted in the extremely thin and serrated edges. As well as the curve you pointed out.
  14. Insitu from North Florida

    From a multi cultural site. Everything from Pinellas to Bolen & Kirk. I was lucky enough to get permission to walk this site until it grew up. Found several of my personal best in that field. It was a great learning experience. I was just beginning my hunting in North Florida at the time. This...
  15. Impact fractured Newnan

    Very cool piece. Good conversation piece.
  16. Narragansett Copper Kettle Arrow Point

    Awesome piece thanks for sharing!
  17. Covington Georgia Abbey

    An absolute killer Abbey my mom saved from a ditch earlier this week. Her first point ever.
  18. A few to look at. North Florida

    Yes it does. Bring them back to life imo.