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  1. Has anyone printed out the Manticore Instruction Manual yet?

    I uploaded mine to my Kindle account so I can read it on my iPhone or iPad. Great for when you're in the field and need to look something up.
  2. What Happened to Xtreme Scoops?

    I'm in Southern Indiana...about 2 hours south of Indianapolis.
  3. What Happened to Xtreme Scoops?

    Real shame, there's such a wide gap between the very high end xtreme scoops I've been wanting, and the others available that seem to be junk/poorly made.
  4. Minelab manticore detector information

    IMHO the technology improvements are incremental, and buyers need to decide whether the improvements are worth the price of a particular new model. I have a few that I should sell, but have some strange attachment that has prevented me from doing so. I think the Manticore shows promise...
  5. 5 watts is it the regulated depth allowed for detectors

    Do manufacturers include wattage output in their specifications? If that's a true measure of "power" then it would become a measure I found this thread from 2010 that seems to be a bit more informed:
  6. Father son from indiana

    Laconia, Indiana here ✋
  7. Kentucky & Southern Indiana Artifact hunting

    In Southern Indiana here (Harrison County)
  8. A few things found on the property I've been house sitting

    I consider that a good day 😎. I went to a park this past weekend, and dug a total of 11¢ and miscellaneous trash. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Minelab's successor to the Equinox 800?

    Look at the CTX-3030 for your answer ��
  10. Steve's Detector Rods - Totally Awesome!

    Just received my Equinox 800 shaft kit! Excellent quality and customer service.
  11. Earbuds for the nox

    As long as they have aptx you should be good to go!
  12. Minelab Equinox available on Cabelas website

    Both models sold out as of 6:30 pm EST.
  13. Equinox owner Request, length when collapsed?

    Great question! There's not a lot of mass to the detector, and that's a question that popped in my head when I was looking at pictures. I plan on traveling to a beach locale this year and would like to know how small it can go ��
  14. Minelab Equinox available on Cabelas website

    Although it might seem unfair to the dealers, I would disagree. As a whole we don't know which dealers are shipping and how many. While watching this forum and social media my guess is that dealers are also shipping the Equinox at a increasing pace. My perception is that Cabela's method of...
  15. Sneaky thief

    Shooting from a concealed location would be the only way you can get them...their eyesight is incredible.
  16. WIN a new Fort Bedford Metal Detectors Hat!

    Fort Bedford Metal Detectors!
  17. Nel Thunder for AT Max

    Is there a chart that shows the attributes of each Nel coil, and what they're best suited for?
  18. Sharpshooter Coil for Max

    We're under that same huge weather system...chance we'll have sunshine on Sunday. Everything around here is a muddy mess. Please report back once you've had a chance to try it out.
  19. New Minelab GPZ 7000 $$$$$$$$

    They're worth whatever price people will pay :)... I have been dreaming about a CTX-3030 for a long time. Do I think the components inside that detector in themselves are worth $2499? No I don't, but they most certainly are getting that price every day. Metal detectors (especially the high-end...