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  1. Where has PLEHBAH gone ??

    Pleh was both a scholar and a gentleman mastering the art of debate like no other. He was horrifically misunderstood by lesser minds including my own and ultimately he was forced to walk the plank. R.I.P Plehbah. You are Welcome.....
  2. High quality old west pics

    I have viewed most of these before, but it was sure nice viewing again. Thanks
  3. Catch Phrases

    "The Agony Of Defeat"
  4. Guess the weight of my Pumpkin-The WINNER IS NoNeck

    Re: Guess the weight of my Pumpkin-Win a Book ! 720 lbs
  5. Things I miss

    Mom, believing in Santa, The Wonderful World of Disney and Wild Kingdom every Sunday night, looking forward to staying up late, the way an LP sounded, cars you could work on yourself, when McDonald's and delivery pizza was a family treat, and finally I miss, Ronald Reagan
  6. a epic sunset today!!!

    That second to last pic reminds me of a atomic/hydrogen bomb test pic from years ago. Great Pics !!!!
  7. Do You Wear The Jewelry That You Find?

    I give it to the wife for Christmas.
  8. At the end of the day....

    Love it.
  9. PINE GROVE black mountain lion or cougar

    Jeff, if you had to guess, what do you think that one weighs?
  10. Ghost caught on video, it will give you CHILLS!

    Ivan, that eerily makes sense, she is definitely looking for something or someone. At one point it looks like she is looking inside other vehicles.
  11. Fresh ground coffee

    I also use the K-cup deal. A bit pricey but some of the brands are really pretty good. So far I like the Green Forest Sumatran Reserve the best.
  12. Life is tougher if youre stupid

    Re: Life is tougher if you're stupid Boy oh boy, these posts should all be in the nonsense forum. Unfortunately you are all telling true stories. :BangHead:
  13. Most Prius Owners are Tree Huggers, But Guess what

    I'm with Jeff, flowers are very over rated.
  14. Most Prius Owners are Tree Huggers, But Guess what

    "I hate trees" that is hilarious!
  15. oldies

    Now that I got a big kick out of and I needed it. Thank you.
  16. Silence of The lambs

    Looks spicy and professionally prepared. :blob8:
  17. I really wish I had some finds to post, but I will post this instead

    Everything is pretty good rolled in corn meal and fried. :D
  18. Woke up to an unpleasant suprize this morning

    Wow so sorry, that is one of my worst nightmares.
  19. Pink Dots

    Oh man, I need to put my head down.
  20. A Movement...kinda, sorta

    It looks like the absolute perfect place NOT to be.