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  1. The mighty Bradshaws give it up!!!

    Catfish, Sorry you were left with a bad taste in your mouth. If you are still there try these areas. I have found GOOD gold in all of these areas. Only a mentally slow person would tell you exactly where but belive me if you go to these areas and just look, and study you will be amazed at the...
  2. Prescott, AZ. - giving up the gold!!

    I hope they take the time to excavate the area before they rebuild. Last time this happened they found quite a few killer artifacts. But i do agree it is a shame. I am also thrilled that the fire did not spread to the Palace. The original hand carved german bar has been through the original fire...
  3. The mighty Bradshaws give it up!!!

    Close Terry but no cigar. However Lynx is within spittin distance. Another creek that feeds from the Lynx is my choice. I can walk to Lynx in about 5 min. from my GLORY HOLE haha. I have been working the same place for a while. If you check previuos will see. Thanks for checking...
  4. Prescott, AZ. - giving up the gold!!

    This is from 12 buckets of material. As you see, the nug. on the right is extremely coarse. It is nice to get paid to excersise.HAHAHAHAHAHA. Wanted to share with those who do not get to the gold section. Thanks for checking. HHTA Neal S.
  5. The mighty Bradshaws give it up!!!

    Prescott is still being very generous. This is last weekends take. The one on the right is an unusually coarse chunk. Thanks for taking a gander. HHTA Neal S.
  6. Prescott Az. Raw gold

    Out in the wilds - lots and lots of BLM Land to choose from. Thanks. HHTA neal S.
  7. Prescott Az. Raw gold

    Also posted in GOLD PANNING section. Prescott AZ gold - 6 buckets of dirt - great production. Going back as soon as possible. Thanks for checking it out> HHTA neal S.
  8. 2012 - 1st gold of the New Year!!!

    A nice welcome to the new year. This is from 6 buckets of great material. Prescott Az. in the Bradshaw Mountains is still giving it up :blob7: Thanks for taking a look. HHTA neal S.
  9. Another load of Prescott gold!

    Hey Ivan, What's up? - The water should be running soon. If you want to head up sometime, give me a ring or e-mail. I finally got a highbanker/dredge combo. I am ready to go at it hard this year. HHTA Neal S.
  10. Another load of Prescott gold!

    from Rte 69 - Go about 4 miles south on Walker Rd. (Costco) Turn left on enchanted forest road - go 100 yards and you will be at an unmarked, free rustic campground. Only problem is a 14 day limit. -- Continue on about 1/4 mile through campground and you will run into the famous Lynx creek. -...
  11. for the love of gold

    ;D :headbang: :hello2: COOOOOOOOOOOOOL Dan B.------ when is the house warming party???? I'll bring the beer and a shovel. Good luck Dan B. hope all goes good and you strike it rich!!!!! Please call or e-mail when you get a chance. HHTA Neal S.
  12. Ever had a great signal then get disappointed??

    ;D I was in an apple orchard that dates to around 1900. Using the trusty garrett. I had already found a good amount of old farm tools and was about ready to pack it up and I noticed a tree that was a little older than the rest of the trees in the orchard and I got the screamer of all signals. I...
  13. Prescott AZ. gold take for the weekend.

    No big chunks this time. Still very happy with the take. It was a perfect weekend in the great outdoors. The BEST hobby in the world!! HHTA Neal s.
  14. Another load of Prescott gold!

    This is a short weekend of prospecting in Prescott, AZ. A pretty nice take for 12 buckets of dirt. Thank you for checking it out. HHTA Neal S.
  15. Welcome to 2011 gold season in Prescott

    I think you have some incorrect information. There is a public panning area right near the Costco in Prescott. It is FREE FREE FREE to anyone. You can only use pick, pan, shovel and metal detector. There are primitive spots to camp within 10 min. drive of area. I hope this helps. thank you! HHTA...
  16. First nuggey of the season!!

    I was slucing. I dig the dirt from an old river bottom - This is the important part WASH, WASH, WASH your material. Scrub the rocks good and then you can run through the sluice. I usually work 6 - 10 buckets of dirt/rocks. I only send a handfull @ a time through the KEENE and you can actually...
  17. Welcome to 2011 gold season in Prescott

    A jewlrey store in SCottsdale offered me 55.00 for this - double spot value. Does he know something? Thanks HHTA Neal
  18. Welcome to 2011 gold season in Prescott

    Here is my second take from Prescott. It is one of the most beautiful sights like this after a loooong days work. This is from 6 buckets o dirt. Great exersize and get paid for it. WHO can complain??????? HHTA neal
  19. Welcome to 2011 gold season in Prescott

    weighed in @ .54 grams---thanks
  20. First nuggey of the season!!

    just weighed it - a whopping .54 grams.