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  1. Diy dredge nozzle help

    J, Is the nozzle pressure injection ring gap adjustable or fixed at a calculated gap?
  2. Micro Dredge?

    Just happened to be able to access my test pool today and made this video of the jet in the 1 1/4"id nozzle you can see the jet and the alignment straight down the barrel. You can see when it engages with the fluid and dis-engages as you mentioned. This is the over volted 24v volt version was...
  3. Micro Dredge?

    I have looked at infinity jet style nozzles and determined that they will need to be well fed volume wise as well as reasonable pressure. This is what has led me to use high volume pumps these pumps are rated for a head of 8 meters which calculated out to be around 12 psi even my smaller...
  4. Micro Dredge?

    After three hours my feet are cold and it's time to empty the sluice and take a short break. I then grab a second charged battery and jump back in the stream. The battery has a special charger and takes almost 6 or so hours to recharge. I have also been experimenting with 24v batteries and pumps...
  5. Micro Dredge?

    The round bucket was just convenient. Containing the sluice completely within the bucket just limits capacity. I have continually increased the size and length as performance increased. More material processed the greater the reward. The performance of the nozzle seems to require both volume and...
  6. Micro Dredge?

    NJ, Definitely a different environment than the one I visit. Please be free to use and mabey improve my ideas, they have proven to work for me in several different environments around town here. The river is clear creek west of golden Colorado. It was cold today.
  7. Micro Dredge?

    There are two pumps. One for the wash spray and one for the suction nozzle. The pumps pass through the bottom of the bucket which greatly helps lower the center of gravity to gain flotation stability. The pump intakes are protected with the second bucket bottom that is shown.
  8. Micro Dredge?

    And a video too.
  9. Micro Dredge?

    Yet another version in action and you can see gravel falling off the classifier screen
  10. Micro Dredge?

    These are pics of the inlet end and the classifier. The classifier is removable for periodic cleaning by literally banging the screen on a rock and rinsing in the river. Tailings from the classifier are dropped out the back. These are pictures of a more recent version.
  11. Micro Dredge?

    I have thought of adding a twist in the output of the 3d printed injector nozzle but was uncertain if there would be any benefit other than it possibly tightening up the stream like rifle adding twist to a bullet to make it fly straighter. Rember the inlet is only 1 1/4" id so not much room to...
  12. Micro Dredge?

    Improvements to te nozzle injection reduction assembly. The injector is 3D printed and is removable and can be modified.
  13. Micro Dredge?

    Have made improvements and a video. The rig works well and enables me to search in areas that have not been worked over. Weighing in at just over 16lb. it is very portable and effective. Run time over 1 hour. Still working out bugs but lately have been spending more time concentrating on washing...
  14. Diy dredge nozzle help

    Nozzle in action
  15. Diy dredge nozzle help

    Vid of output of nozzle into sluice
  16. Diy dredge nozzle help

    This is my 1 1/4" venturi suction nozzle for my electric micro dredge powered by a 24v 3700gph bilge pump. I figure the pump will produce about 10 - 12 psi. The 3D printed reduction/injection insert piece has a final reduction of 1/4" from 3/4" supply.
  17. Micro Dredge?

    Macgyver, I was going to start my own post when I ran across your wish list and decided that this would answer your questions. I have been working on this problem specifically to address both performance and portability issues to access areas too deep for just a shovel and bucket. It is a 1...
  18. Micro Dredge?

    Success yes. Problems yes. Lots of time and money yes. Happy to share yes
  19. Micro Dredge?

    It does this. It draws 14 amps.
  20. Micro Dredge?

    I made this. It weighs 14 pounds. The 35Ah battery weighs 8 pounds and fits in back pack.