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  1. Hiking report

    wow! you solved the mystery. thanks for your detailed explanation. i'm outa here!
  2. Hiking report

    I think the other side is easier to get to, if I can figure out which tree is blocking the entrance. When I blew up the pic to make the tunnel more visible, I noticed something I didn't see when I took it. Look at the white pixels with the black halo around them. I think that's a glassy...
  3. Hiking report

    Just got back from my 1st trip this season. Water's plentiful, although some of the small tinajas are starting to become stagnant. The fuzzy red ants are out so watch your step. I found what I think is a natural tunnel thru a rock fin. At least it looks natural to me. Was a total accident...
  4. Remorse :

    Argumentum ad hominen. If you can't attack the message, attack the messenger.
  5. The stone maps and their concept

    It is an interesting story, but I think it's just that, a story. In Coronado's day the Apache were buffalo hunters on the plains of eastern New Mexico and into the panhandle of Texas. The Comanche fought them for territory, but they were evenly matched and the Apache held their ground. This...
  6. Spanish Missions

    As I recall, there were 27 mission sites in Arizona. Only 3 of them had padres and became missions. The other 24 had a church, a house for the padre, and a storehouse full of grain, fulfilling the requirements to become a mission. They were called 'visitas' until a padre was assigned to them...
  7. Remorse :

    There is a third choice. Just give up the hate. Because when your soul is filled with love for all things, you automatically become one with nature.
  8. military trail ??

    Hey markmar here's the original article.
  9. Spanish Missions

    Well there goes the "G" rating...
  10. Arastra and dry panning.

    Not all of it's ugly. You just have to look really hard.
  11. Remorse :

    Too much violence. You need to become one with nature. When you become one with nature then you'll find the LDM.
  12. Arastra and dry panning.

    Don't do it. It most likely will never pay for itself in the wilderness. Before that happens, the gov't will catch you running it. They'll throw you in jail, confiscate the equipment and possibly take your vehicle too. And that's if you're lucky. If you're not lucky, some gun toting headcase...
  13. Spanish Missions

    I like Bancroft's version of history. He is very thorough and tries to remain politically neutral. Plus his version is free :)
  14. Spanish Missions

    Jim, that makes good sense, I'll bet you're right. As I recall, at first Fr. Kino wanted to visit the Hopis. so traveling up the Verdi would make more sense than the Salt.
  15. Spanish Missions

    Mr markmar, please look at the map. Just south of Casa Grande you'll see San Agustin. That's the old presidio in modern Tucson, so the stream next to it must be the Santa Cruz. Tha confluence of Rio Azul and the Gila is downstream from the confluence of the Santa Cruz and the Gila. Queen...
  16. Spanish Missions

    I believe the Rio Azul is the modern Salt river and the rios Salada/ Verde/ Asumpcion are the modern Hassayampa. I find it interesting that the indian rancharias between Casa Grande and the Rio Azul didn't have names. As I recall Father Kino didn't name rancharias where the indians were either...
  17. Packer/Outfitter

    Mr. Jim, I don't mean any disrespect to your friend Jack, but you haven't seen any gold ore because there isn't enough gold there to fool with. He found, in my opinion, a post WWII prospect with a concrete collar. He equates the concrete collar with mine production. He says the rock there is...
  18. Packer/Outfitter

    You say the forest service sometimes waits at the trailheads. What do they do there? In California they've stopped me at a trailhead and asked to see my wilderness permit, but I didn't think a wilderness permit was required in the Superstitions. I think it's a good thing most gold hunters...
  19. Packer/Outfitter

    Only bad thing about OK Corral is they have to go with the horses. That tells a long time dutch hunter where you're looking. You also have to try and smuggle the gold ore past them on the return trip. If a little gold dust sifts its way out of your pack into his canvas pack sack, I'd bet my...

    Great pics. Thanks for posting them. The most interesting thing I see is the dark water staining. I'm no expert, but I think that's manganese. Gold is sometimes found with manganese. I wouldn't be surprised if Jesse wasn't trying to get down that cliff, but instead was looking for the...