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  1. Getting permission to metal detect on someone else's claim

    Yeah it sounds like at least calling or maybe even meeting in person first is a pretty good idea. I guess since I just have addresses I wasn't sure how to go about doing that. I always thought claims were basically totally off limits, but then I heard from a few experienced prospectors that it...
  2. Getting permission to metal detect on someone else's claim

    I've got some areas that I want to go detecting at, but they are all on other people's claims. I have the mailing addresses to all of them, so do I just write them a letter asking for permission? I would be happy to give them some of what I find, but what is considered at fair amount to keep?
  3. Thanking about upgrading to a Gold bug 2

    I ended up going with the GM1000. I really like that it is weather proof, and nice and easy to use. I found a picker flake within the first couple hours of using it at an old placer pit near my house, and even though the piece was very small, it gave me a strong signal on the non ferous side. It...
  4. Legal question for California-Taking buckets of material home

    Thanks you guys. It is not claimed. It used to be but not anymore.
  5. Thanking about upgrading to a Gold bug 2

    Right now I have an AT Gold. I've found a few small shallow pieces with it, but the more I learn about detecting from reading and watching videos, the more I've been thinking I should've gotten a detector with a higher frequency. The local prospecting shop owner even told me I should be using a...
  6. Legal question for California-Taking buckets of material home

    Good to know. I guess I never knew that you needed to have a claim to do that. I always just thought a claim gave you ownership of the minerals. I will keep this in mind. Is there a certain amount that is considered going over the limit into "mining" territory?
  7. Legal question for California-Taking buckets of material home

    I want to take home buckets of material to run through a highbanker. It would be coming from a currently dry stream bed and it is on BLM property. I live about a mile from the site, and it has decent amounts of gold. I want to know if this is legal though because I would be carting the buckets...
  8. Food from the forest .

    Good job! I haven't found any of these here on the west coast yet but hopefully this year I will get the chance. When it gets too wet to go prospecting then I'll be transitioning to mushroom hunting. Actually found some chicken of the woods the other day while out prospecting. Too bad they were...
  9. Bits of Todd's Valley History

    I'm going to be returning this book about Todd Valley soon to the library in Auburn CA. If anyone on here is interested in this kind of stuff you should check it out (no pun intended). Basically, if you are unfamiliar with Todd Valley, it is area outside of Auburn CA that used to be a town with...
  10. Duncan peak mining district, California

    Does anyone on here have any historical info on the Duncan peak district besides the little bit that is written on Mindat, or maybe some pointers on finding hard to find info like this? Sounds like an area with some good potential.
  11. Mine info on Mindat question

    This was incredibly helpful. I've been limping along in my research for the last hour or so on the Advanced Nat. Forest Map and it is pretty helpful. I do have another more specific question about the map if you don't mind helping me out again. When I click on some of the sections, the surface...
  12. Mine info on Mindat question

    Thanks for this info. I'm more used to using, but they seem to agree with each other nicely. The only difference I notice, is that the sections are divided into 4 quarters on the diggings. There is a 40 acre claim on an adjacent section to the one that Mindat says the mine is on...
  13. Mine info on Mindat question

    I'm doing some research on a couple of mines on Monday, and in the first paragraph, it says that they are both on "private land within a National Forest boundary". Now one of the mines I am almost 100% sure is not on private land. I've looked at a couple different maps that say it is part of...
  14. Found nice quartz crystal hill, but I'm a noob so I need harvesting tips.

    Thanks for those tips, that's pretty much exactly what I wanted to know.
  15. Found nice quartz crystal hill, but I'm a noob so I need harvesting tips.

    I found this hill with a couple nice patches of quartz, and with potential for possibly more patches since I definitely have not explored the whole thing yet. I'm attaching a few pics from an hour or so spent out there last time. I would like to know what people think about cleaning the...
  16. Can you cut host rock away from quartz crystals?

    I found a patch of rock that has maybe 100's of thousands of mostly small crystals still attached to the host rock. A lot of the rock is still solid bedrock, but there is also a lot of rocks that have broken off like the one in the picture. Is there a type of saw I can use to cut away the bulk...
  17. Keep getting skunked (sort of...)

    Thanks Mike. I live in placer county, California. I do painting, sluicing, and detecting. I don't really do a lot of sluicing though, because it's just so hard on my back. If I find a spot with enough material though and enough little specks and flakes then I'll bring it out.
  18. Keep getting skunked (sort of...)

    Thanks friend. That's enough to keep me motivated right there!
  19. Keep getting skunked (sort of...)

    The last 5 or 6 times I've gone out have been kind of discouraging. I like getting out there regardless, but when I'm busting my ass for something that doesn't even show up on the scale, I definitely start getting a little discouraged and start losing confidence. I think part of the reason is I...
  20. Need help identifying small round iron target

    Thank you . I just found another one today at a different spot. I still get stoked with anything out of the ordinary, even if it's trash sometimes.