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  1. Metal detecting for gold for a living, can it work?

    You might be interested in the deep gold. It seems most good ground has been scanned down to a certain depth, a limit of present technology. Keep your eyes out for major breakthroughs in detectors capable of detecting at deeper depths. That means digging deeper, so you might want to get a good...
  2. The Nugget Hunters !!! Preview

    Looking forward to it!
  3. 🥇 BANNER I made it to the 2 oz club

    Wow, what a beauty! Congratulations!!
  4. Say it isnt so GPAA

    Jeff Williams definitely has a lot of energy & enthusiasm. It took me awhile to get used to it but well worth it. He knows his geology. One of my favorite YouTube channels lately.

    Does the club still exist? I live on the opposite side of California but hopefully by late 2019 / early 2020 I'll be doing a lot of nugget shooting up there.
  6. Blog Title & bio

    Is the Blog Title for a blog? Also is there a bio or about me description? Thanks
  7. Selling designs of leading edge detector tech

    Haha ditto for nickels but nickle size gold nuggets, absolutely! $1000 to $2000 typically it seems. The best on the market seems to be able to detect a nickel size nugget 1.5 to 2 feet. How big does the nugget have to be for a GPZ to detect it 3 feet? Maybe a $20,000 nugget? Heck I'd dig 6 feet...
  8. Selling designs of leading edge detector tech

    No, my friend. It's a personal detector. There's no plans to sell it. Just ideas being thrown around. And to the person who asked if it's water proof: Yes it's water proof.
  9. Thoughts on Starting a New Metal Detector Company

    Dito haha. But some people might want to dig far deeper than 3 feet for a $1800 nickle size nugget. I was just looking at one. :)
  10. Thoughts on Starting a New Metal Detector Company

    Ah thanks for letting me know. No worries, we're just discussing hypothetical scenarios. :) Nothings for sale. No plans.
  11. Thoughts on Starting a New Metal Detector Company

    Here's one possible method for the serious hunter for certain ground types. When you find a deep nugget you tag it in your gps, take a photo of the exact spot and continue nugget hunting. After you get enough targets you go back to your car or campsite to get an efficient powered digging tool...
  12. Thoughts on Starting a New Metal Detector Company

    No doubt! It depends on the nugget's worth and how long it takes you to dig it. After using such a detector for awhile I bet someone would quickly come up with an efficient nugget recovery method. I have a few ideas myself. Maybe that would be an interesting group contest to see who can dig a...
  13. Thoughts on Starting a New Metal Detector Company

    That's a lot work, isn't? No doubt running a company like Minelab must be stressful. Designing the stuff & even more so getting out into the wilderness to test it sounds like just fine. I'd consider partnering with a business genius if they handle all the business & I create the technology. In...
  14. Selling designs of leading edge detector tech

    A#1 & Rick K, I can see both perspectives. You'd think companies would be beating down the door for such tech, but then again they're probably afraid to death of a lawsuit. They won't have to worry because I'd be too afraid to demonstrate it until they showed enough interest to give an offer...
  15. Selling designs of leading edge detector tech

    I got it from Probably not up to date, but that's great to hear Minelab's revenue is that have. :)
  16. Thoughts on Starting a New Metal Detector Company

    Howdy friends! My previous post was about selling my detector designs to a company. This post is about the idea of starting my own metal detecting company. Outline of my detectors: The present design can detect a modern U.S. nickle about 3 feet down out in typical ground, over 3 feet in air...
  17. Selling designs of leading edge detector tech

    Howdy! :) This is probably a long shot but thought to at least give it a try. I've designed a metal detector that significantly outperforms anything on the market, and initially I had intended to merely use it for myself for a year or two and then sell the designs, but I would consider selling...
  18. GOLD HITS $1500!!!!

    And hopefully keeps increasing!
  19. Exchange field noise voltage at various locations

    Hi, I'm new to prospecting & metal detecting, but I've designed a metal detector & built a few versions. I'm interested in exchanging field noise voltage density per m^2 (nV/√Hz/m^2) measurements at various locations? I don't have much so far, just a few locations out here in the noisy city, but...