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  1. Where can I download version 3.2 from?

    That was quick, 5.2 may be a good up grade. All I saw with the others wasn’t enough to make me change. Thanks!
  2. Where can I download version 3.2 from?

    I know this is a bit old but I am still using the 3.2 that came with my unit. It’s always worked great with the original coil. I run full tones and can’t make myself change. I’m amazed how well I can call targets such as quarters dimes pennies and bottle tops. Relic hunting I dig most targets, I...
  3. New Mississippi user

    Welcome, to treasure net it is a great resource for friends experts and old coots that know stuff. Maybe we will meet sometime. 73
  4. Found a New Camp Today

    Very nice, hard work paid off!
  5. North east MS CHECKING IN

    I’ve been getting it done the last couple of weeks. Shovels been sliding in nicely. Won’t be long we will need a pickax.
  6. 1891 V Nickel

    Nice one, im still looking for mine.
  7. Free ghosttown maps

    Thanks for the post.

    Fantastic! What a stellar hunt. I wonder what program you were using?
  9. Mississippi metal detectorists

    Im in the Starkville area, know its hot but Im willing.
  10. Fancy patriotic ink stamp found in Hinds county, MS

    Do you think it had a signature or was it meant to be signed in the blank?
  11. Hattiesburg ms

    Welcome to tnet there are no strangers here, only friends we haven't met. I get down to Hattiesburg often and have some friends there that are just starting out also, I know there are some good folks down there I have seen there post. I would love to get together with you and check out some...
  12. Old razor handle?

    Yep you got that one right looks like a razor to me
  13. My first state seal button

    Great find, I'm still looking for my first. Looks like your having a good time.
  14. Locations around Jackson MS

    Its a big place lots of lost treasure, we should get together some time after you get settled in. Im about two hours away. I always wanted to check out were the Casey Jones train wreck was. So you might check that out. There are lots of small towns near maybe some old parks and lots of old...
  15. Reale in cotton country ....

    That' way to cool!! Super nice find. Bucket list for sure.
  16. DEUS custom made programs

    Seems like I live in a iron infested part of the world. I like your post and Flèch.
  17. Let's get a hunt together!

    I'm in West Point but will travel. Weather is just about right, most weekends are good for me and some week days. :hello::wave::wave:
  18. Locations around Jackson MS

    Are you visiting?
  19. Lead bale seals from a Louisiana plantation

    Very cool I haven't found one of those yet. Should be some good stuff around there
  20. I found this yesterday,

    Looks like a relic!