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  1. Happy New Year from the Free State of Jones! 2021 Roll Call!

    Just wanting to see who all might be checking in here now that we've made it into 2021... Y'all post what area you're in, maybe tell us about your machine(s), your favorite find(s), or anything else relevant to detecting here in Mississippi... Some of my favorite finds are lil hotwheels size...
  2. Mississippi Gulf Coast Metal Detecting Club

    You might want to Join South Mississippi Relic Teams Facebook Group, as we have a great group of folks down on the coast, and if you knew when you were going to be there in advance, you could probably get someone to take you on a hunt somewhere other than the beach, if you wanted...
  3. Hunting or an old trading post site

    Both are good finds! Congrats!!!!
  4. Mississippi Gulf Coast Metal Detecting Club

    I'd like to hear more about it...
  5. I just Joined the V3i Club!

    Thanks for the suggestions! Sticking with the one program, might not be the best way, but it is the one I am using, and once I feel that I know it well enough that I actually trust myself and my ability to make on the fly adjustments as needed, then I will dedicate just as much time to...
  6. I just Joined the V3i Club!

    So, I have now been using the V3i for a few months now, and more frequently in the last month or so, but though I have learned a lot, I am still not to the point that I am confident with it all the time. Right now I am trying to learn how to better deal with EMI at a permission where I was...
  7. Sterling Buckle

    I've looked at hundreds of Hickok's trying to match this one up, but no luck. I've recovered a couple of Hickoks previously, but they were marked "Hickok".
  8. This is a Piece of ????

    Agreed, it is by no means a lid of any kind... I just wish I could locate a picture of a complete one to see what it looks like and just how old it is. As you can see on the lids, they put the number of years it has been the same price, which would be the bottom of my piece where it says "ears".
  9. This is a Piece of ????

    OK, I now know the company, though I cannot find this exact piece, they have a variety of lids over the years that are almost 100% matches and the Company is KC Baking Powder. This is a picture of one of their lids.
  10. This is a Piece of ????

    It is "KING".
  11. This is a Piece of ????

    Good question, that I can't answer, and I do wish it was silver, as it's got to weigh almost a 1/2 pound, and I am not sure of what it is made out of...
  12. This is a Piece of ????

    Zucchini Fritters
  13. This is a Piece of ????

    It's smooth, & flat as a fritter...
  14. Sterling Buckle

    I recovered this Sterling Buckle in on 12.15.2019 in Lamar County, Mississippi, and wanted to know if anyone had any idea of approximately what year it was made and who it was made by. Other than the "sterling" mark on it, I can find no other marks of any kind.
  15. This is a Piece of ????

    Howdy to all! I recovered this piece on 12.15.2019 in Lamar County, Mississippi and I am hoping that some of y'all can help me to identify it and maybe even post a picture of a complete one. The Penny in the pic is for size reference only.
  16. What Does SEL 23 stand for?

    I haven't heard back from the base historian yet, & am not sure if we even have a CCC camp museum...
  17. What Does SEL 23 stand for?

    Bumping this in hopes of someone new seeing this post and being able to solve the mystery for me.
  18. Flat Button ID Needed

    Still hoping someone who hasn't seen this does and that they are the one to give me a positive ID on it...
  19. Flat Button ID Needed

    Here's a few more pictures & I do have more from different angles, if they will help get a positive ID on this Button.
  20. Flat Button ID Needed

    Thanks for the info... There are no backmarks on it that I can see, even with magnification. Also it is really thin. How old do you think it might be?