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  1. Found in the surf off Curacao

    Good thought; or maybe even a button?
  2. Found in the surf off Curacao

    Good call on running a detector over it; will do that tonight. It could be just a shell i guess? I have also heard that certain types of metal rust away until the coin is basically inside out like this, so the imprint is all the remains and the crusty shell is the oxidation of what used to...
  3. Found in the surf off Curacao

    My wife found this while snorkeling. We can't quite make out the coin, and I realize these pictures don't help much, but truthfully there isn't much more to see. What i'm wondering is, how long does it take for this to happen to a coin? It's probably copper or iron for it to turn itself...
  4. I have an extra Bounty Hunter 8" Coil Cover if anyone needs one

    They sent me the wrong one by mistake (Needed a flat pan disc coil cover) if anyone needs one; PM me your address and just pay shipping. Thanks -Rick
  5. Coil Covers: Yay or nay?

    This whole time i thought coil covers were just for storage; never occurred to me to use while actually detecting! Makes sense now that i think about it... lol
  6. Custom Fabricated Digging Tool

    I was a at a friends house this weekend and he showed me his custom fabricated digging tool. It's like a mini-backhoe that you push into the earth and then pull the lever to scoop up. He said it works well in the hard soil of VT. What do you think?
  7. 10+ Gram Silver Nazi Ring

    Probably dropped by a biker after a camp fire party in the 1970's! haha Cool find!
  8. Help IDing a very old boat propeller

    I thought it was a cool find. It's bigger than it looks in the picture, I wish i'd put a dollar bill or something in the picture for context. I've also been around boats my whole life, and have NEVER seen a prop shaped like this. It's a very rudimentary design, which makes me believe it's...
  9. Found in the riverbank on my property

    That's an old style cleat, definitely 50 years old at least, likely older.
  10. Old Padlock

    Sweet! I wonder if a key could be made for it based on the image you found. Internals might not work anyway, but would be fun to have a usable lock of this age if they did!
  11. First Ever Hunt and First Impressions

    So this is my hunt from this weekend past. I found a metric ton of nails and a few old can tops (not pictured) but also an old fishing lure (cool), what looks to be an old cast iron stovetop (neat) and two random metal items, the top of which is balled up and looks like silver or lead, and the...
  12. Help IDing a very old boat propeller

    Hello All! Did do some metal detecting this weekend but that's not how this was found! This was found on Missisquoi bay recently up in Highgate springs. It was dragged from the muck when a sailboat was being pulled out. It’s a three blade prop, with very antiquated blade design, made of what...
  13. Shovel ?
  14. Shovel ?

    I have a folding e-tool shovel but was looking for something a little bigger. Where is the best place online to browse and purchase metal detecting shovels? Thanks, and great thread!
  15. First Ever Hunt and First Impressions

    So I went out this weekend with my Garrett AT Pro to a small beach on Lake Champlain and spent about 2 hours detecting and digging. I had a ton of fun, my wife was there to help dig and did some beach combing. What my first impressions of the hobby are: -It is hard work. It's easy to think...
  16. Large Hoard of Sterling Silver Found One Hour Before Work

    Nice find!! Do you melt it down or keep it as-is?
  17. A Couple Dollars From A Phohibition Era Juke Joint Cache

    Nice finds! How do you know where stills were? Wouldn't the woods be long overgrown?
  18. What's the most unexpected non-metal finds you've dug?

    Some very cool finds!! The cat in the plastic bag, that's tragic....hope it died of natural causes
  19. If you were to start all over....

    If you were to start all over in the hobby of metal detecting and treasure hunting, what would you do differently. I am trying to learn from more experienced folks on here and avod spending 5, 10, 15 years or more doing something wrong or looking in the wrong places by hearing what you have to...