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  1. The gift that keeps on giving

    kinda looks like ft. payne black, chert that is.
  2. New find on the Harpeth river

    i was born at stones river hospital. the second looks adena cluster, maybe? . on the first' overshot flaking is beautiful along with the creek wear. beautiful knife or preform. nice finds. i'm just east of you.
  3. Can't wait to investigate!

    the original picture he posted was from july 16th according to the metadata scrubber. so there's a two month spread without returning. Supposedly he was on a jet ski and hunts artifacts, doesn't really make sense not riding up to ?? since the area he is posting from and his other posts seem to...
  4. Can't wait to investigate!

    the fact said image was captured on july 16th supports your theory. edit: to me it looks like a large pvc pipe size reducer coupling.
  5. Can't wait to investigate! i seem to remember an article or two from a while back of the tva police being pretty active down in the Chickamauga/ hiawasse area (maybe it was a different reservoir) taking peoples boats and trucks.
  6. relic hunter attacked by alligator

    he said it felt like a propeller from a boat going 50 mph. he's been hit by a boat too?
  7. Looks like a mustache

    the gabby went for 9.5 k
  8. Looks like a mustache

    also to the mod who changed the thread title from "who wants a mustache ride" to it's current moniker. i'm not bitter. if more pictures are needed jut let me know, for better appraisal.
  9. Looks like a mustache

    looking for appropriate value in the current market for owner/possible seller. im thinking about buying it.
  10. Wells Related To Adena?

    i thought it already was? Wells Projectile Point
  11. Deep Dug East Tx Paleo

    what does the bottom part of the base look like? is it squared off from ancient or more recent breakage? could be an Adena or variants ( wells, waubsea) with the blade side well used. there are some gary subtypes that could fall in maybe as well.
  12. Zaysanovskaya Neolithic culture. Russian Far East .

    good to see you my brother, hope all is well with you and thanks so much for sharing.
  13. Opinions Welcome

    threw a few others in for good measure.
  14. Opinions Welcome

    my best one face i've been meaning to share with bill/uni. there are more picures. let me know if there are angles you'd like uni/bill.[
  15. HELLO

    sorry for the late response jamey. rude of me. here's a quick cell pic. all missing one ear. the two later stage ones (left) have crazy bevel that the crappy shot doesn't pick up. i'll have to hunt down the insitu of the serrated one in the middle where the broken ear was hiding under mud...
  16. Hello

    you don't need to apologize dude. thanks for clarification. you and i aren't far off in this state. good hunting.
  17. Hello

    also isn't this the same one from a few years ago? same title "hello"/?
  18. Hello

    be careful on those tva controlled waterways. they will take your boat and truck if you're caught.
  19. Dug A Nice Metate Today

    this. i'm in tn not texas. high spots out of the flood plain on bends. look at topo maps and try to get a feel for how long the area has had good water. if you find a land owner that is willing to lease/and or other on said area... as always awesome stuff gar.
  20. Medicine Wheel Tablet located in Lehigh Gorge

    think i've seen the pattern before as well associated with a bottle/trash dump from a gas station/repair shop getting eroded out by high generation in a tva dam controlled river. early to mid - 20th century . some quality pictures from all the angles with something to scale it by would help.