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  1. 49er

    Hey stranger...How are you doing?

    Hey stranger...How are you doing?
  2. 49er

    Hello stranger, how are you doing? Staying out of trouble I hope. Living down here in Colorado...

    Hello stranger, how are you doing? Staying out of trouble I hope. Living down here in Colorado, write soon.
  3. 49er

    Hey Stranger

    Hey Stranger
  4. San Francisco Park finds,...More Silver!!

    Excellent silver finds.
  5. Awesome Meteorite

    Fantastic find....WTG
  6. Got another Gold Ring on video

    Awesome find there juju. Can't wait till I get back up to Washington state for some detecting. 49er
  7. 2 indians, and 10 wheaties! Clearly the best day, so far this year!

    Awesome finds there DF...did you do your happy dance at the end of the day?...keep up the great detecting. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  8. Fantastic hunt today with great friends

    Sounds like an awesome day with friends enjoying the good life. Yes, have to start them out young. Enjoy the sun and warm weather and good finds. 49er
  9. Sterling Silver Dolphin ring today

    Great find there about a close up of that ring.
  10. Tiffany & co. Silver today

    Re: Tiffany & co. Silver today Exceptional finds there juju...see you and DF are having a great time detecting. I need to get out MDin for some AZ gold soon. 49er
  11. Arizona Prospecting Buddy

    I have a possible hot spot that could hold a fair amount of gold but need a prospecting buddy to detect with due to health reasons I can not detect alone. Any one interested in doing some detecting that is located in the Sun City or surrounding area send me an email. Individual has to be able to...
  12. Whites GMT

    Re: White's GMT Would check with Kellyco on prices
  13. How many Washington state mders here?

    Re: How many Washington state mder's here? Up here in Okanogan Valley
  14. Short 20 minute hunt yields 2nd silver goal of the year!

    Awesome silver Canadian coin there Ray...Keep up the great hunting.
  15. Visiting Iowa City

    Heading out to Iowa City for work and wondering if metal detecting is allowed in city parks or other public areas? Will be there at the end of this month through mid-Sept. so wondering if I should bring metal detector or not. Jim (49er)
  16. Another big silver ring, and need approx. age on neat old button

    Awesome find there juju...Hope Mrs. juju recovers quickly from her hip replacement..Make sure she moves around after her surgery so she does not stiffen up....Will keep her in our thoughts.
  17. Two silver morning

    Cleaning up on the silver there Ray....WTG
  18. Make that a three silver day!

    Great find there the silver.
  19. Who Knew That Teaching Could Produce GOLD?!

    Awesome might want to order Mastering the MXT for your buddy...wealth of information....WTG... :thumbsup: :thumbsup: