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  1. Hobby other than TH-ing

    They are terriffic!
  2. 150+ year old tea cup & saucer

    REALLY pretty, though. I would put into the cracked one some kind of battery-powered tea light, at the very least. I'd also use them for tea and coffee.
  3. folks over at the friendly forum

    I'm ignorant but what forum is that?
  4. How old are you ?

    Repairable devices are awesome.
  5. How old are you ?

    A lady who will tell her age will tell anything. :wink:
  6. Led Zeppelin

    I couldn't stand them, because I had a friend who played nothing but Stairway to Heaven, back to back, all day, every day until I wanted to scream. Now I have come to appreciate them. Livin' Lovin' Maid, The Immigrant Song, and I even like Stairway.
  7. Me and My Tennessee walking horse John Wayne

    What a handsome equine! He looks like a statue.
  8. beware self checkout !

    So I'm not the only one who dislikes these. They're everywhere, though. And I bagged my own even in The Beforetimes; got tired of eggs on the bottom, cans on top.
  9. I forgot about this : Shapshifting Goat

    It's like Oliver Twist. Or something.
  10. This would be a life changer for somebody

    What would I do? Hide.
  11. Favorite Recipes you like !!1

    Thanks for the tip. That would be almost as scary as being poisoned by Scoutmistresses.
  12. Favorite Recipes you like !!1

    It's a long sad story.
  13. Favorite Recipes you like !!1

    I've read about the boiled omelets but never made one (haven't been camping since I got poisoned by the Girl Scouts). They do sound cool! :icon_thumright:
  14. Anyone ID this symbol???

    Looks Chinese or Japanese to me. Possibly a garden stone. Don't quote me until I check but it MIGHT mean house or building.

    She probably had dirty fingernails AND cleaned a toilet when she was a mechanic.
  16. WOW ! Just WOW !

    Not really. I knew a teacher from a good school. His students not only couldn't tell time, but one asked him if he had voted for FDR. This was only a couple years ago, and the teacher was in his early 30s. He asked her to consider the dates. The student persisted. 'Yeah, but did you vote...
  17. WOW ! Just WOW !

    Triple like. We see kids being picked up by the school bus AT THE END OF THEIR DRIVEWAYS….and mommy has to walk them there.
  18. Queen Elizabeth II did her job

    Has anyone else watched the 2018 documentary, which I think is called Our Queen? It's very well done.
  19. 21 years ago

    Amen. I lived close enough to smell it.
  20. Queen Elizabeth II did her job

    Fantastic. Thanks for this post.