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  1. Yale Saville lock, how old?

    Thanks for the replies, the one picture I found online was an eBay post and it said very rare. I'll contact Yale to see if I can get any more info, didn't even think of doing that
  2. Yale Saville lock, how old?

    New to metal detecting and I had a chance to do some hunting yesterday at some old homesites in the woods, found this brass lock and I have looked all over the internet trying to date it with no luck. Found one on eBay like mine but no date or pat. number. The only number I see on this lock is...
  3. flippin sticks

    Dang it man I didn't know people got so serious with flippin sticks lol some good work done on those things, might have to make me one. I usually break off a tree branch to flip rocks
  4. ✅ SOLVED Newbies: The Big Idea and the Mental Gallery

    All I find around and in that creek is much older artifacts, that pipe is early to mid 1800s, could have been in an Indians hands I guess but not likely.
  5. ✅ SOLVED Newbies: The Big Idea and the Mental Gallery

    Very true words, if you go into say a creek with just a point in mind you'll miss all kinds of goodies, keep the mind open is what I tell my girlfriend, for example this clay molded pipe I found, at first glance in the creek I thought broken PVC pipe but checked it out any way, not an indian...
  6. quartz pipe/fire dish, effigy club.

    It's just a rock buddy, it doesn't take an expert to figure that on out.
  7. Post some Florida points

    Found that culbreath and the hardee at the same site, those guys did some fine work in that area. Super thin and good material.
  8. Post some Florida points

    Its a Culbreath, would have been right at 4 inches if the tip was there.
  9. Sunday find

    I don't have to many myself lol haven't been collecting very long, always had the interest but not the knowledge of where to look.
  10. Sunday find

    Thanks rock and you can never have to many coral points lol
  11. Sunday find

    Haven't met Tom personally but CFD is a friend of mine and thanks for all the comments folks.
  12. Sunday find

    Nice coral hardee point, thought I'd share.
  13. Calusa Indian Canals

    You wanna find shark teeth stop at any railroad track in central fl on your way to the keys seriously. The phosphate cars spill phosphate loaded with fossils all over the railways, I use to wander the tracks when I was a kid filling my pockets with shark teeth.
  14. Calusa Indian Canals

    Its been hard to find anything around here even with the rain because after they disk these fields they roll em down flat. A few more weeks and all the fields will be bedded and covered with plastic :(
  15. Clay pipe find

    Found this cool 1800s clay pipe yesterday walking a creek, don't know much about this kind of stuff, any input is appreciated. I will keep it but would like to know if there's any value to it. Found in central fl on private property.
  16. Calusa Indian Canals

    Haha you know it's about that time, snowbirds will be here shortly especially here in strawberry town.
  17. Im confused...

    I'm the one that asked if you consider those buttons artifacts or relics. No reason to get bent outa shape and try to prove some kind of point to everyone. If you click the metal detecting forum there is a relic hunting forum, click that then at the very top there is a forum that is strictly...
  18. A couple Dandy Butons 1700s & 1800s

    Would those be considered artifacts or relics?
  19. Shell hammer?

    Something like this.