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  1. What is Your Favorite Quote or Quotes?

    "Those who are not proud of their ancestors are unworthy of being remembered by their descendents." - Maj. David F. Boyd, C.S.A. "God protects fools, drunks, and the United States of America" - Otto Von Bismarck "No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other...
  2. Silver forks, before and after.

    They cleaned up nice. How did you do it? The smaller one looks like Satan's trident.
  3. TEA Parties, ( Taxed Enough Already )

    2012 isn't the only election we need to focus on. The 2010 elections for Congress and state governors are just as important.
  4. Raccoon Thief

    Last night, a raccoon found our supply of catfood that we have for our outside cat. This is the little bandit making his getaway.

    I got this picture in my e-mail today:
  6. Mud ball fights , rock battles , BB gun wars ......

    LOL...that sounds like fun. The only thing I can remember doing is using fireworks to blow up mailboxes and such. Made a couple of homemade explosives and blew all of the sand out of my cousin's sandbox and it all ended up all over the yard. My uncle was displeased. I remember rock wars on the...
  7. This old House

    Hey, you found the headless horseman. That is a nice looking old house. The roof looks brand new. Too bad they have to knock it down.
  8. Back to the days of years gone by--the 1950s a retro look.

    Re: Back to the days of years gone by--the 1950's a retro look. Heck, I am only 30 and I can remeber some of that stuff at my grandparent's house. I even still have some of it, like that rotary phone and some of the furniture. I think I may even have a box of those flashbulbs stashed away...
  9. Trip to the Smoky Mountains

    Yesterday I returned after a week-long trip to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee/North Carolina. This was probably about my 15th trip there in my 30 years of living, but the first since about 1996. Anyhoo, here are some of my better photos. Here is a view of Mount La Conte as seen from the...
  10. Any movie that Robert Duvall had anything to do with.

    I liked him in "The Great Santini."
  11. CW Soldier Found

    I remember about fifteen years ago remains were found of a Union soldier on a plantation site along the Mississippi south of Baton Rouge. It took about a year or so, but they were able to identify the soldier and actually tracked down some of his descendents The descendents decided to have him...
  12. Large Dirt Piles

    My neighbor recently acquired four large dirt piles. Each is about 8 feet high and about 15 feet across. He won't be spreading it out anytime soon. It was just free dirt offered to him so he took it for anything he may need it for. Since it will be in pile form for some time to come, any...
  13. me

    The second picture on your second post made me think of the hunter with the shrunken head from Beetlejuice.
  14. From the Hubble Space Telescope

    The Universe rocks. :thumbsup:
  15. Im Rich!

    Re: I'm Rich! Three things that happend to me when I lived in Australia: There was a shopping center across the street from where I used to work. I was using the ATM outside of the enterance to the center to get some cash to go in and buy some McDonalds. While I was standing at the machine...
  16. Card collectors will love this.

    Ah, 1992 Upper Deck. That was the first complete set that I ever collected. I did it the hard way though...pack by pack.
  17. Favorite War Movies.

    Oh, let me think now because there are so many. In no particular order: Band of Brothers Kelly's Heroes To Hell and Back The Longest Day Battle of Britain Patton Great Escape Memphis Belle Tora Tora Tora Midway and a lot of others that I can't think of right now. And although this movie is...
  18. screen names..........

    One day I was looking at a website that had a lot of funny pictures and I came across the one that I use as my avatar. Anyway, the idea of Lenin being a pimp kinda made me chuckle for some reason.
  19. Top Ten Movie Car Chases

    What about the one in the Blues Brothers?
  20. Mass Inflation Ahead -- Save Your Nickels!

    None of the above! Start hoarding whiskey! Jack Daniels will be legal tender before you know it.