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  1. 2nd Indian Head in as many days

    Nice finds Rick. You are really tearing it up lately! Maybe another Spanish silver awaiting.
  2. 2nd Indian Head in as many days

    Yep I found a couple earlier this summer and they cleaned up pretty nice after a few cleanings and polishing in my tumbler.
  3. Nova Scotia – Silver US Seated Liberty, V Nickels, and Other Interesting Coins Found!

    Thanks Rick Yeah I was surprised at the condition as well. They were put into my tumbler after soaking and came out looking pretty good.
  4. Nova Scotia – Silver US Seated Liberty, V Nickels, and Other Interesting Coins Found!

    This summer I started working one of the sites I had researched during last winter, and had scouted earlier in the spring. What I have been able to ascertain through my research and with some of my coin finds is that this site had once contained a structure that hosted visitors from both here in...
  5. how to post pictures with your Story

    Test to try with more than one photo.
  6. how to post pictures with your Story

    OK that time it worked. Just need to figure out how to keep the text organized over the image.
  7. how to post pictures with your Story

    I am having trouble posting photos and everything goes well as in Jeff's instructions until I go to upload the selected image from my computer and instead of getting the image loaded, I gat the link to the image. I am going to try one now.
  8. Need Help Uploading/Attaching Photos

    OK when I follow the thread from Jeff on how to upload photos all goes ok until I select my photo from my computer and upload it to the thread. Instead of seeing the actual photo that I selected, I get this: Anyone help? Thanks
  9. Tell me if this sounds like the right way to deal with targets

    Watch that -8 VID as it could be a good target but wrap around effect may be coming into play.
  10. TAPPED OUT???????????????

    My eTrac will tell me when it's iron by the QuickMask option and also 2 tone ferrous. I dig a hell of alot less iron than I used to.
  11. wireless headphones

    Apparantly anything bluetooth will not work well due to the "signal latency" which cauises too much delay between the time the target signal is picked up and when it actually sounds off. I did quite a bit of research on this topic as I too am looking to "cut the cord". What I have decided based...
  12. ATP users question???

    That's why I like the 5 x 8 coil so much. You can hear that solid tone come through the trash and then work around to get it cleaned up.
  13. wireless headphones

    Agreed.... IF you can find them. TDK are not making them anymore however I have seem them on Amazon.
  14. SMASH! Damn!

    I fell down a steep rocky embankment last summer while trying to detect a cut/wash out and my detector flew out of my hands and hit the rocks on the beach. It had a small scratch on the control box screen, which I have since been able to buff out. I thought it was toast for sure after an impact...
  15. ATP users question???

    I found 2 .925 silver bracelets earlier this year within 10 feet of each other. One was a constant high tone 62 VDI and the other was a bit jumpy from 58 to 65. The second one I almost did not dig because of the bouncing numbers and scratchy sound, however I am a sound hunter and something about...
  16. Question about Minelab xterra50.

    Well in April 2009, the new series of 305, 505, and 705 was released so I would say then.
  17. Using Minelab Iron mask

    Do Explorers have two tone ferrous like eTracs do? If so maybe try putting it into TTF with an open screen and see if you can hear the coin separate from the iron.
  18. How to tell if a spot was metal detected

    I've seen this too on occasion but it was from bottle hunters. Most of the time the way to tell is that they will stack shards of broken glass, ceramic, bottles etc.. aside. But it could very easily be a detectorist who has no ethics.
  19. 1864 nova scotia half cent

    IP is correct. I can't get my AT Pro to balance very well in the wet least not for long. Especially here in NS as alot of our beaches are highly mineralized and full of hot rocks. Dry sand is ok for the Pro, and it's great on freshwater beaches. I had a PI detector (Garrett Sea Hunter...
  20. CTX 3030 problems

    I don't have a CTX however I had a very similar problem with a garrett unit this summer and I sent it away for repairs. When it came back the repair slip said "resoldered connection".