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  1. RookmanGold in Switzerland

    9th November - Sihl #1 Normally I go to a creek an hours drive away... today I thought I’d try my local river... 10 minutes drive away... 30 minutes of sluicinng revealed its worth pursuing! Am so happy... an evening of sluicing is a real opportunity now... very happy
  2. RookmanGold in Switzerland

    1st November - Coin Bank Somewhere totally new... totally apprehensive... and it rained... persistence really does pay off though 🙂 A late start to the season and now trying to pack the trips in before the snow comes.... Ive named it coin bank because a coin turned up in the sluice!
  3. RookmanGold in Switzerland

    Upper Dam Falls First gold trip for 7 months! God it felt good 🙂
  4. RookmanGold in Switzerland

    Not Bountiful Tried somewhere new today.. always good to test other areas... you can tell by the name above it wasnt the best :/
  5. RookmanGold in Switzerland

    Granite Post Falls First day of 2020 back at the stream... Well happy with the result. A nice bit of self isolation. Stay safe everyone.
  6. Gold in Montana

    Thanks all for the brilliant posts... Goldwasher a star as ever offering to post a sluice! I will follow up and post back on progress...
  7. Gold in Montana

    Happy New Year all! Im thinking of making a trip to Montana in May-June to get a bit of gold.... Does anuone have any tips? I will be travelling from Europe so would look to rent a sluice if thays even allowed? or possible? Any thoughts would be great...
  8. RookmanGold in Switzerland

    Processing Happy New Year all... Bought a small sluice for fines and am working through all my old heavies from previous trips.... very satisfying. I’m lucky enough to have a small creek outside my house.
  9. RookmanGold in Switzerland

    Upper Dam Falls Back to it today in a spot I havnt been to for a while. Big floods recently so it was all churned and changed. Good day even with a dark morning start!
  10. Gold Location in Arizona?

    🥴 Crikey! [emoji51]
  11. Gold Location in Arizona?

    Thanks Steuss! I will be in touch.
  12. Gold Location in Arizona?

    Frozen digs not good... [emoji53]
  13. RookmanGold in Switzerland

    No... just parked for other hobbies for a while [emoji3]
  14. Gold Location in Arizona?

    Hi all, I will be over from Europe at a conference in Vegas early December. Can anyone point me in the direction of somewhere to do a bit of panning / sluicing in Arizona? Somewhere near Jerome maybe? Any members or clubs who would be happy to help an Englishman find his first Arizona...
  15. RookmanGold in Switzerland

    What with one thing and another I haven’t been out for months! Beginning to feel the fever growing for 2019 though.... Big Nuggets here I come.... oh yeh!
  16. RookmanGold in Switzerland

    Granite Post Falls Back to GPF after a long summer break. The last clean up as all the gold dried up every which way I sampled. Ok gold but time to move on to a new site. Trouble is i’m not sure where!
  17. RookmanGold in Switzerland

    Granite Post Falls Back in Switzerland and one of those days where everything just clicks and is perfect... rounded off by a steady stream of good gold. (Just the bigger bits in the picture... plenty of fines to work through at the end of the season.) All finished off with a lovely swim.
  18. RookmanGold in Switzerland

    I worked very hard for that gold... enjoyed it though. Altitude and sun were both very intense.
  19. RookmanGold in Switzerland

    Fairplay Colorado Managed to get a couple of days in Fairplay (thanks to the advice of Kevin in Colorado). Had a great day today. Pretty bushwhacked now though given the jetlag!
  20. RookmanGold in Switzerland

    Triple Confusion First real day back in the saddle after my dodgy knee... new spot, really remote. I called it triple confusion becuase I just couldn’t work out where the gold was to begin with! Had to move the big boulder you can see in the photos.. verrrry heavy... I was imagining ending up...