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  1. Тodays finds

    Looks like an old rifle casing, as well. Lee-Enfield, possibly?
  2. Gold, Silver, Pearls, War Artifacts, and More! Haha! :D

    Think crossed cannons are artillery, pretty sure the "we support the Line" with the bomb is Arty. The uniform looks Viet Nam-era, though. Value, as always, is what someone is willing to pay. No big money there, though.

    Don't let the Cabin Fever get to ya. Think of something else to do, like, read a good book. Plan a trip (very detailed trip), and leave no item to chance! Even if there is no way to do it, PLAN the trip! Just keeping yourself busy, will get you past the maddening winter blahs, and set you up for...
  4. ✅ SOLVED Guess what this encrusted item is before crust is removed... see who comes close...

    I would have guessed an iron grommet from an old sail. Either that, or, possibly the nipple bolt from a signal canon or boarding gun.
  5. Somethings Brewing and its not coffie.

    Well, as the caretaker of a campground and retreat center in NW Fla. I say; Bring it on! We just got our tractor back from the shop, so road maint. won't be an issue. Just had all three saws fully serviced. Generator has been rebuilt and checked out. Got a new Dump-trailer. AND to top it all...
  6. Whats the significance of your selected profile name?

    I entered adulthood, by joining the military. My handle is what I did: Fleet Marine Force Corpsman. All the Marines called me "doc" because I was their hands-on, front-line medical aid!! I keep it (fmfdoc), because I deeply respect the job they did/do, and I feel VERY honored that they...
  7. Pensacola

    Sorry I just noticed your post. I have taken a new job, and been VERY busy, through this summer!! If you ever get back to the P'cola area, PM-me!! I have a few places in Northern Escambia County, that are virgin, old homestead properties. Will start a methodical search in a few weeks. While the...
  8. USMC

    Thanks TerryC, and all who served!! I was in the Navy, worked in the Men's Department..... FMF Corpsman. Retired out of LeJune, Nov. of 94. Miss those Jarheads, something fierce!! I have got to agree with TerryC- I'm partial to the Corps! NO ONE better to waltz thru the gates of hell with...
  9. What is the most dangerous thing in the military?

    2d Lt with a map and compass...............
  10. ✅ SOLVED hammer yard sale

    Carpenter's Hatchet. By the looks of the capped-wooden handle, I'd guess it was made by Western. My dad has one, which he got from his Grandfather, and it is almost identicle to this one. Dad's was made in the 20's, and was purchased as a farm-tool.
  11. What do you think of Diggers?

    C'mon, guys.... where's the luv?!?! Think Captain Kirk of the MD-world, and ya got those two hacks!!! LOL:tongue3:
  12. so stoked..I cant sleep!

    BC- Hope you both have a fantastic time, and spectacular finds, there!! Been through some of what yer dealing with. Love her, and never let think otherwise!! Prayers for both!!
  13. Anyone know what this is ????

    I'll chime-in with ropesfish: Looks like a quartz geode. I've seen a couple around the McKinnie region of Virginia, too!
  14. Grand casino elvis presley gold coin

    They were sold singly, and in sets (4, 6 and 8). silver rounds, clad in 24k gold......... How are yours set? single in gem box, or, are they in the black velvet collector's box??
  15. Metal detecting illegal on Massachusetts state beaches July 1, 2014 !!!!!!!

    CG- Yes, it will spill-over to other states. The gov't is "testing the waters" in numerous states, and not just with Md'ing. Personal panning, any personal use of public land (hunting, herb collecting, grazing livestock, etc.) is being systematically stripped from the general public. The only...
  16. Great Way yo Start the Morning!!

    Davie= South Florida...... McDavid= Panhandle Florida! hehehehe Looks like we are at opposite ends of the spectrum!! :thumbsup:
  17. Hello Internet

    Greetings and salutations!

    Crosse- "Haints"??? Was your Gramps Scots-Irish (Celtic) in heritage??? That's a term I haven't heard since my Gramma died!! MANY years ago!! :thumbsup: As a former paranormal investigator, I have discovered that residual energy can in fact, attach itself to physical objects. Kind-of like a...
  19. Metal Detector Advice

    For entry-level, I have been very pleased with the Garrett Ace 250. Even brand new, you can get it for 212.00. Used or demo, less....... Screen and multiple settings to play with. Pretty accurate ID. and a clear tone. Batteries last a pretty long while, too. NOT suited for salt water or...
  20. What is the deal with tnet

    I've never had a problem here...... Of course I use and actual computer to log-in! My phone, is used for telephone service. Novel idea, I know, but just saying.......:thumbsup: