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  1. Anyone have a T handled detecting shovel for sale

    No response to message or this .....can;t remove. Why do people do this:BangHead:
  2. cooper1841

    I have one.....$70.00 to your door 18 in. with Buzz hand made sheath[ATTACH]

    I have one.....$70.00 to your door 18 in. with Buzz hand made sheath
  3. Anyone have a T handled detecting shovel for sale

    I have an 18 in. T handle Samson, one side searated other smooth with a hand made "Buzz sombody" sheath....very heavy duty well made Paypal $70.00 to your door
  4. Fried baloney sandwiches

    Small town near us has a Bologna Festival every year Yale Michigan ...King...Queen..the whole works. Fried Bologna sammichs are a staple and the line is looooong!
  5. Coiltek 10x5

    Thanks.....Got one!!
  6. Dig the low #'s

    Wow..... very nice!
  7. WANTED; Coiltek 10x5 coil for Nox

    I noticed the same thing with the coiltek 5x8 on my AT Pro.... but it was so awesome I never took it off, so the numbers were what they were.....
  8. Coiltek 10x5

    Thanks .....I was on their list for an email when they came in. Oh well ordered and on the way
  9. Coiltek 10x5

    On theirs plus many more waiting/pre order list. Problem not limited to just detecting equipment, its everything, my son has been waiting 8 months for their dishwasher. Hope I find one by Spring when I can use it!
  10. Coiltek 10x5

    Will anybody ever get these in stock:BangHead:
  11. ❎ SOLD Coiltek 5x10 coil for the Minelab Equinox

    Can't find one.....everyone has a waiting list.
  12. WANTED; Coiltek 10x5 coil for Nox

    Looking for 10x5 coil for 800 Nox. On several waiting list, Must be in good working condition.
  13. ❎ SOLD Anderson 33 in. lower rod for CTX 3030

    Bought and never used it. Put a coil on it and attached to the detector, never been in the field. Paypal.......$70.00 to your door
  14. ❎ SOLD Sunray Gold headphones....CTX

    Two years old, but not many hours in the field. One small scratch ( see photos) other than that these are like new. No signs of wear...... tight new. Used them on my CTX 3030, angled plug. Paypal......$100.00 to your door
  15. Nox 800 arriving today

    Watched a few videos....pennies seem to be all over the place
  16. Nox 800 arriving today

    Used a harness for the last year to help, just a pain with heavy cloths sometimes....digging and recovery
  17. Nox 800 arriving today

    Had to make a change, the ctx 3030 is just getting to heavy for this old guy. Love the machine but the weight is a draw back. Loved my AT PRO loved my Etrac...hated my Deus the 3030 is awesome, but ...........Hope this works out, not to sure about the target id after using the 3030
  18. Coinstar silver

    Been slim pickins lately, but I have my wife checking also......when she remembers:laughing7: She came home today with this hand full . Twenty five pennies....a quarter.... a nickel a Euro 5 cent and a 1958 silver Rosie!!:hello2: Good job sweetie