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  1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Short Video: Quartz cut for rings

    Collected and rock tumbled some clear quartz in Ontario, Canada. Had a buddy facet some for rings. Enjoy
  2. Video: Faceting Quartz for Jewelry

  3. Video: Making a cab from sliced drill core.

    I find quite a bit of abandoned drill core when exploring mining areas. I thought it might be fun to slice one to make a preformed round cab. Here is my project:
  4. Short Video: Digging Silver at abandoned mine

    I love detecting gold, but silver is fun. Kinda like I will fish, if I cannot go hunting. ;-)
  5. Short Video: Digging Silver at abandoned mine

    And another productive time at an old mine with a metal detector:
  6. Vote For Your Favorite Metal Detecting YouTube Channel

    Aquachigger, but I am biased. He is a friend.
  7. Short Video: Digging Silver at abandoned mine

    Metal detected a nice piece of silver ore at abandoned mine
  8. Video - Finding nice Quartz Crystals

    Finding quartz crystals in Ontario (Canada)
  9. Phantom signals

    I had the same problem when swinging a GPX5000. I was getting horribly frustrated with what seemed to be good targets that disappeared when digging. Problem solved when I panned out the dirt I had been digging. Small gold in the pan.
  10. Letrap upgrades.

    I used on on the NSR outside Edmonton which is known for its fine gold. The "trick" was to actually increase water flow in the Le Trap.
  11. Minelab's successor to the Equinox 800?

    My only complaint is the charging port. I used mine for two weeks in the Aruba salt water. I guess I didn't rise it well enough and it turns green and stops charging until I clean it with vinegar. I have multiple detectors and it is still my go-to for everything but nuggets. For that I still...
  12. Your chance for a free silver

    If I hit 100K subs, my wife will let me retire and Youtube full time. I have an incentive as that sounds more fun than showing up to work everyday...
  13. air testing coils and detectors for gold

    One quick response to your example. If the target disappears or diminishes as you dig for gold, put your dirt into a gold pan and you might be surprised how much smaller gold is present. Of course, little bits of oxidized iron can also be the cause. As for air testing. It isn't useless. It...