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  1. Small 14k gold ring

    Found today
  2. Prospecting in dominican republic

    Yes hundreds of shipwreks around this island .first settlement in america
  3. Prospecting in dominican republic

    Hi joeyboots.i live in jarabacoA dominican rep let me know when you are going tiio be here
  4. Sand Shark

    Hi sand shark users i just got the sand shark as i live a litte far from beach i decided to Try it in red soil to se how it performs in heavy mineralized soil but the detector reads the minerales like my vlf. So i hope it will not have that problem with heavy minerals in salt sand beach...
  5. Prospecting in dominican republic

    Hi,i live in dominican republic and would like to know prospectos interested in comino here to prospect i have the lobo St and have Founder gold with it