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  1. Henry Brunderlin and the Lost Dutchman

    Hello All: For Henry H. Bruderlin see the Arizona Times, Phoenix Arizona July 6, 1949 P.1, col 2-3, and Arizona Times, Phoenix Arizona July 7, 1949 P.1, and July 8, 1949, P.1, Col 1-3, and July 9, 1949, P. 1, Col. 2-4, and July 11, 1949, P. 1, col. 1-3 and finally, July 12, 1949, P. 1...
  2. jacob waltz jack swilling and others signiture on old letter to az territory govener

    The "X" was put there to bring you to the attention of Jacob Waltz signature on the document. Waltz did not need an "X" for he was very capable of writing his signature. There are about 10 examples of his signature on documents. Cordially, Gregory E. Davis
  3. Hank Sheffer, The old storyteller.

    Good morning all: I have the sad news to inform you of the passing of Hank Sheffer, The old Storyteller. He lived in Apache Junction and I just heard of his passing this morning. He wrote a number of books, Cassette Tape Recordings, newspaper articles and lectured on the Old West and the Lost...
  4. rendezvous 2022

    The 2022 Dutchman Rendezvous will take place this year on November 4-5-6, 2022 at the Dons Club Base Camp located about 1/4 of a mile from the the end of the Peralta Trail. Signs will be out at the turn off to the camp. Cordially, Gregory E. Davis
  5. Jim Bark's Gold Mine

    Thank you Matthew Roberts for the reply. Guess all of us will have to wait until SRP decides to drain the lake for maintenance to see the mine site. Cordially, Gregory E. Davis
  6. Jim Bark's Gold Mine

    Hello Gentlemen: Does anyone know the exact location of Jim Bark's Mine he had somewhere near the Salt River Box Canyon sometime in the mid to late 1890's. I believe it was in the Volcano Mining District. Cordially, Gregory E. Davis
  7. The mysterious death of Adolph Ruth

    The correct date is June 3rd. 1913. Phoenix, Arizona. Cordially, Gregory E. Davis
  8. The mysterious death of Adolph Ruth

    Good evening Frank: If you want to do more research on L.V. Ashfield, His full name is Leroy Valentine Ashfield. Born October 10th. 1886 and died December 1th. 1958. His son Joseph (Joe) Leroy Ashfield was born June 2nd. or 3rd., 1913 in Maricopa County, Arizona. Cordially, Gregory E. Davis
  9. The mysterious death of Adolph Ruth

    Good evening Frank: Don't know his connection to Ruth but he was a Draftsman/Architect and living in Arizona 1913-1914 then moved to Spokane, Washington by 1917. Cordially, Gregory E. Davis
  10. Video 4 - The Peralta Stone Maps with Frank Augustine

    Hello sgtfda: Yes, My copies are one of the first pulled from the mold. Cordially, Gregory E. Davis
  11. Video 4 - The Peralta Stone Maps with Frank Augustine

    Hello: Richard Robinson had 24 to 26 reproductions of the Stone Maps made. Do not know how many Jim Hatt made. Cordially, Gregory E. Davis
  12. Question for a local

    Good afternoon Sir: If you are referring to the Four Peaks Jeep Road leading to that Cane Spring In the Four Peaks area from Cottonwood Camp, then you will need a 4 wheel drive jeep with a high clearance, low wheel base and lots of nerve. The Jeep road is slow but will take you to Cane...
  13. George Snell and Francis Splichal

    Good afternoon all: I just realized after doing some research in my files that there are two Snell's. There is George C. Snell of Kansas who accompanied Barry Storm and then there is a George M. Snell of Torrance California who wrote extensity to Chuck Slease who lived in Phoenix about the...
  14. George Snell and Francis Splichal

    Great work Jim: I just emailed the Pinal County Historical Society asking if they have any files, records, or historical data on Frank Splichal. I will let you know if I get a reply. Cordially, Gregory E. Davis
  15. George Snell and Francis Splichal

    Hello all: I was doing some calculations and it appears that Frank Splichal was about 18 when he accompanied George Snell and Barry Storm into the Superstition Mountains. Cordially, Gregory E. Davis
  16. George Snell and Francis Splichal

    Good morning Jim: Wow, what a wonder reply to my request about Frank Splichal. He having been a member of the Pinal County Historical Society leads me to believe he may have left some paper with the society archives which may reflect on his adventures in the Superstition Mountains. Worth...
  17. George Snell and Francis Splichal

    Hello Gentlemen; Do any of you know of or have any information/ history regarding these two individuals other than what Barry Storm says about them in his book. "Thunder Gods Gold"? Cordially, Gregory E. Davis
  18. New Book by T E Glover Available

    Gentlemen: You have to order the book directly from Tom Glover. Cordially, Gregory E. Davis, Tom Glover just informed that his new book is sold out.