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  1. How to stop telemarketers permanently

    In the IT world, we call that Whitelisting. If you have an Android Phone, you can turn on Do Not Disturb, then go to Allow Exceptions, Contacts Only. The main problem is that the carrier delivers the call to you before the phone can intercept. If the phone company gave the option to sync your...
  2. Upstate Gold prospecting

    Started looking a panning too Hey, haven't been panning in a while since I was a member of the Weekend Gold Miners in upper GA many years ago. I've been in SC for about 6 months now. I did a little research and it seems that any chance of gold will be along the slate belt that runs from...
  3. Michigan Cracking Down on Litterbugs

    Enforcing litter laws leave your rights in tact If they just told the local law enforcement to start enforcing existing laws, then that wouldn't limit our rights. Certain political factions look for solutions that will remove peoples rights first, so that they can continue on that path if the...
  4. Fewer Hoboes 1905

    This has to do with anything?
  5. Springfield area

    Hey ajmets, I'm not sure if I ever replied to you, I don't remember getting a notification of your post... Anyway, I did almost no hunting last year, but I'd like to change that in 2017. Let me know if you'd still like to hook up to do Forest Park or any other spots come Spring time. Thanks, Jack
  6. Greenwich, Ct stops digging in park for $50,000 in gold in 1921

    Found a large metalic object near the water that seems to be a piece from some earth moving equipment. There was a larger target that I just dug near the edge of the signal, but it appears to be like metal garden type fencing, about 3 feet square. It didn't seem rusty, so assumed it was buried...
  7. Greenwich, Ct stops digging in park for $50,000 in gold in 1921

    I was just there Thursday morning. Got some dirty looks from the city prop maintenance guys, but the didn't say anything.
  8. Night beach hunting - Boston are

    This turned out to be a really nice beach, but it looks like there may have been lots of new sand added. I wish it was closer thought, it turned out to be a 2 1/2 hour drive home...
  9. Night beach hunting - Boston are

    Looks like all that parking is restricted according to my lurking with google maps street view. This area looks like I won't get towed after hours. 42.617836, -70.636034
  10. Night beach hunting - Boston are

    Planning on heading out again tonight, Friday 6/26. I'm going to stop and visit my son in Somerville, then head over to Good Harbor Beach. Looks like the regular parking is probably locked up at night, 9:00 PM according to the web site. There seems to be accessible parking on Witham Street at...
  11. Night beach hunting - Boston are

    As of this moment, I'm planning on heading down to West Haven tomorrow, Friday 6/19. Going to head down after work. Looks like it will be low tide around 8:10 PM, so I'll be trying to get down there by then if possible. I plan to try and park here: 41.254184, -72.957264 (Bradley Point...
  12. Night beach hunting - Boston are

    Yes, that was fun. Found a huge drop of what must of been an entire roll of pennies that were spread out in the water. Gave up on that after a while. Thinking about heading down to Savin Rock next Friday night. I'll have to see how the week goes.
  13. Night beach hunting - Boston are

    The AT Pro should do fine, just have to turn down the sensitivity some. Thinking about Quincy, near the yacht clubs. Never been there before. I've swung at Revere, Nantasket and Wingaersheek. Figure I'll try someplace new. Planning to be there about 9 PM Friday night just as the tide is...
  14. Night beach hunting - Boston are

    Like to do some night hunting on the beach. Planning to go this Friday night and other nights during the season. Let me to if you're interested it hooking up. Open to Connecticut sites too, as I live in the Springfield, MA area, so they're the same distance.
  15. Partner,diver,metal detects,must have own gear, 5 day week for fun.

    Hey frankie, I'll go with you, but I work full time, so I can't do 5 days a week. My dive gear has been sitting since I moved up to MA for two years now, so I'll have to have it checked out. I live out by Springfield, so if planned in advance, I'd love to join you on occasion. I'll see about...
  16. Interesting Find - Massachusetts

    This reminds me of all the times I've read about a carved stone being removed from a site and then they find out years later that it was a treasure marker. Then nobody can remember exactly where the stone was before it was moved.

    Metal detecting snow, hhhmmm, now why didn't I think of that. Oh, I know why, never mind. :-)
  18. beach hunt

    I found two wedding rings on Nantasket beach during the summer of 2013 and returned one. I was too busy to keep driving out there last season, but I plan to hit the beaches hard come springtime...
  19. Sign petition against stopping metal detecting on Massachusetts beaches

    Hi Everyone, this is the latest update I've seen. Thanks to Roger Barbrick MASSACHUSETTS DCR Beaches are still open to Metal ...