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  1. virgin site first swing

    Love those pics!
  2. Scotdixon

    Terry , hope all is well! Son just returned from his deploy in Afghanistan. Says God Bless...

    Terry , hope all is well! Son just returned from his deploy in Afghanistan. Says God Bless America!!!! It was hard as a parent, local news interviewed me "I explained my thanks to all and how the sacrifice is way beyond ourselves". i wont lie, I was a bit choked up when that C-17 arrived...
  3. Im just sayin you cant keep with it all !

    One of the state Archaeologist came to photo some finds of mine, pulled out the last years finds. I was over whelmed, hard to pick the favorites! They all are favorites, I know the pics dont do it justice - I no I am not alone with this!:BangHead: some are categorized, most are not...just...
  4. Colonial gold with jewel

    All artifacts found at this site are colonial. Thats all I can go by at this point.
  5. Colonial gold with jewel

    You are rite on the gilt, possibly wrong on the century.I guess glass. I have found only colonial on this site.
  6. Colonial gold with jewel

    Tavern site at old cross roads, forgotton by time
  7. Colonial South Carolina

    Oct button is brass, the back is plain - no makers mark. They both were found on a colonial settlement forgotton by time
  8. Colonial South Carolina

    Thanks my friends, the buckle is curved. Need to post reverse side!
  9. Mississippian points in the low country

    Found these jewels along the lake bank:occasion14:
  10. Colonial gold with jewel

    Check this out! Had no idea of the gold until it was clean, all we saw was the jewel and dirt. Bucky recovered this one.:metaldetector:
  11. 1860 home site

    Hitting the land and discovered this homesite, other artifacts recovered date around the civil war. I found the statue head first, left site because of rain. When I returned body recovery was under process! Arms,legs and torso were dug, seem t be holding sword or something that was not recovered...
  12. Colonial South Carolina

    Found these recently, wanted to share
  13. Confederate Two Piece Buckle!!!!

    Now that deserves a medal!
  14. ✅ SOLVED Another possible rare button?

    Hey, found the same button in Adams Run! thanks cbg
  15. What are these

    What are you a surveyor? Dig the pocket rod. Indefinably a pick 19th im guessin
  16. Musket ball question

    Yessir you could be rite. I wondered if anyone in the coastal rice belt had found these. Brunswick Ga. to below Wilmington N.C. I guess thats why you ask... I only know of the local finds.
  17. Back to the whistler question.....

    OK HSD was rite, here are the pics. Here is a sample of sweet southern soil finds, these examples were found in my family fields"ricefield" . known locally as whistlers, refers to "whistling the fowl". Basically running the birds off the fields of rice, I have family records describing using the...
  18. Musket ball question

    My friends I respect your answers but I dont believe these are fishing weights, this is rice country. Here are some pics of some recent finds "whistlers" the name supposed to come from chasing birds off of my ancestors rice fields. "whistling the fowl". I feel these are colonial, but were found...
  19. Civil war ID ring!!!!

    That is cool, great find!