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  1. Casting for a New TV Show

    John Redman, you should apply. You'd make a good movie star. I'd vote for you.
  2. Television Series Casting

    Have some respect. If you don't want to contact the producer that's fine, but we don't have to lower ourselves and talk about porn.
  3. 10th Annual Treasure Hunter's Cookout April 28 2018

    Trembil, My post was satire. I've been at just about every cookout except the last one. I've watched them at all those cookouts working their butt off serving everyone. Sorry if I upset you.
  4. 10th Annual Treasure Hunter's Cookout April 28 2018

    Well said, Pete. Those Pirates have to fill their bellies and wash it down with Rum, before the cameras come out.
  5. want a sea chart of the area of 31 degrees to 29 degrees and 12 / 16 miles out

    Ivan, Contact John Redman. I gave him a Nautical map of fisherman's snags going from S.C. to around the area that you ask about. I'm sure John would bring it to the cookout to show You. As long as he doesn't show it to others. I have no problem with him doing that.
  6. Does anyone have a used ROV for sale ?

    I'm looking for an inspection ROV that is depth rated to at least 350 feet, with a mechanical arm that can pick up at least 30 lbs. Or can be fitted with a mechanical arm. I don't care how much cable it comes with. I can always buy more. If you have one for sale, please pm me. Thanks
  7. Small Piece of Wreckage

    Jerry, Welcome to tnet. I have 2 ship ribs about 4 ft. Long in my basement with tree nails in them. I've had them for over 20 years. If. You live anywhere near Phila. Pa. You can come and get one for free. Or I could send you a small piece. PM me and let me know. Ed
  8. Colombia makes public the new APP for the recovery of the galleon San Jose

    German, is that your company? If so, congratulations.
  9. 10th Annual Treasure Hunter's Cookout April 28 2018

    Looks, like I will make it. This could be my last one and I want to see all you other crazy people. I'm also looking forward to hearing more stories from Walter who works at the Pennwood. If Walter never told you the story about his uncle and the mule. Ask him to tell you that story. You will...
  10. Cousteau-Fisher collaboration in Key West

    John, too early to tell yet. Don't say anything else.
  11. DR Heating Up

    Wavejunk757, Welcome to tnet.
  12. Stolen gold bar from Fisher museum

    I believe they used acid on the plexiglass.
  13. Stolen gold bar from Fisher museum

    No they didn't.
  14. Herbo Humphreys has crossed over the bar.

    Sorry to hear that this terrible disease took another one of us.

    Happy New Year everyone.
  16. 1030 on dec 27 on travel channel ivan talks about the amelia island 1715 vessel

    Ivan, I saw that a Month or so ago, when it first aired. You were Great. Have a Merry Christmas.
  17. Another Great Treasure Hunter Passes

    My prayers go out to Ed's family and friends.
  18. ROV needed

    Key West.
  19. ROV needed

    Does anyone have an inspection ROV with at least 500 or 600 feet of cable that they either want to sell or rent out and operate on a site for 7 to 10 days?