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  1. Are Pinpointers High Drain?

    I know this is an old thread, but I just thought I'd add that you can now get rechargeable 9v batteries on Amazon (and probably other places) that run a true 9 volts and do not need a battery charger to charge. You just plug a USB-C (phone charger) directly in to the battery. I just bought a 4...
  2. Use of beach wet for modern trash hunting

    I ran the legend over a part of my yard that was previously un-huntable because it is so full of trash. Full of iron and small to large aluminum can-slaw. It literally bleeps every 3 or 4 inches. I went over it several times in Park M1 and M2 and it showed tons of trash but no legit sounding...
  3. Legend price jump

    That is absolutely incorrect. I checked it one day on the Nokta site, and it was one price. I checked it two days later and it was a different price. Hence the reason for this post. I fully understand what MSRP is and how that works.
  4. Notka makro legend and xp deus 2

    I will second the others recommending PayStrek Superfreak, and Metal Detecting NYC. The NYC guy has 20 different metal detectors and has paid for each one out of his own pocket. He got the Legend last week and he just picked up the Deus 2 so will probably be doing some compare and contrast.
  5. Legend price jump

    Just to tidy this thread up, The local brick and motor store I wanted to buy from went out of business (Covid), but I was able to find the pro pack for the regular $765 online with no problems. I'm guessing the price change on their web site is to give people the feeling that their getting a...
  6. Legend price jump

    The price on the actual Nokta Website. I don't think it had anything additional to the origional pro pack. The regular WHP is now 749 and the pro pack 899. I'm going to call my local dealer and see if his prices went up also. I don't even think he has the pro packs in stock yet.
  7. Legend price jump

    I was getting ready to buy one of these and noticed on the Nokta web site the Legend went up in price (for the pro pack) from $750 to $900.. It's been available about a week and jumped $150. I've been looking forward to getting one of these, but to be honest, If I'm going to pay Equinox prices...
  8. Thought Id bring this to your attention

    that site is trying to sell something.. you can get the same info here for free : LR2000- BLM
  9. friend showed me his new mosin nagant 91 /30 asked if i knew anything about em OMG

    I have a few Mosins.. my rarest find a 1943 dated M44. Found at a Big 5, and bought for right around $100 ;)
  10. Cellar hole questions. UPDATED.

    The spoon has a dark greenish patina under some of the dirt that looks like the corrosion/patina of silver. I would gently take a tooth brush to it with a mild soap.. try to remove the dirt and leave the patina.. then take a magnifying glass to it and see if you can find any hallmarks... if it...
  11. Hunting schoolyards and ballfields

    I absolutely can't stand Quicktime, is there any other way to play it?
  12. Free map downloads

    WOOT! I was wondering if we would ever find access to that again! Thank you very much. I'm going to down load all the ones in my area before it disappears again :)
  13. Whatcom trail: Built in 1857 on an ancient indian trail

    ;D My thoughts exactly. Well, were in the rainy season now, and it going to be getting cold that far north really fast, so this might be a better hunt for the spring/summer. I've only scratched the surface on the research, so hopefully between now and then we can nail down a specific area we...
  14. Copper bottle PIC ADDED

    I don't think it would be a thermos, copper conducts heat to well an doesn't insulate. A hot water bottle sounds more plausible IMHO.
  15. Camping in National Forests ?

    I always camp where ever I want with no problems here in WA. A couple things I always do are 1) find a side road, never camp where I can be easily seen from the main dirt road. 2) always have a garbage sack where it can easily be seen if a ranger does show up. 3) always leave it better then I...
  16. Pie Irons

    I love them. We always take them when we go car camping. My favorite is tomato paste, cheese, pepperoni, and a touch of garlic for pizza pockets, and for breakfast a little bacon, cheese and scrambled egg. I do more backpacking than car camping, I wish they would come up with a lightweight...
  17. Tent Camping, Tips, Tricks & Advice.

    Re: Tent Camping, Tips, Tricks & Advice. One thing I learned the hard way is to always set up a new tent in the back yard prior to getting out in the woods. Then turn the sprinkler on it for a few hours. It's much better to find and solve any leak issues when you are in the comfort of your own...
  18. Exchanging that 1911 Colt for a non-lethal weapon that also starts campfires

    Be careful if you make one of these IT IS NOT A TOY. Seriously, if you accidentally shine it in your eye it will burn your retinas out before you even have time to blink, and it's permanent. It is WAY stronger then a laze pointer. Even the reflection off a shiny steel object can do serious...
  19. Why no Coin Shooter forum?

    My guess is that some forums are there to keep the main one from being cluttered up with the "I am a psychic and know there is a chest of buried treasure right here because the (insert tool here: dowsing rods, tea leaves, chicken bones, psychic mind, voodoo doll etc..) told me so" I for one...
  20. Hurry Up And Wait!

    One from my father (USMC 67-68): "All I want to see is A$$-holes and elbows" Translation: get to work