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  1. is it legal to detect in a colroado national forest?

    I should check into these forums more than every couple years, but you got to work your claims sometimes. To me the word prospect means with the intent to file a claim. You can rock collect in wilderness areas but you can not prospect as you can never file a claim.
  2. got the fever,where to look for gold on cheyenne mountain area

    the gold claims around cheyenne mountain were pyritic
  3. Colorado springs

    Lets all get together for coffee
  4. Help IDing this these rocks?? Please

    Hate to dissapoint but they look like limestone nodules to me. Go to Walmart get some lime away and see if it corrodes it. WBB
  5. gold looking rock with kind of rusty looking dirt inside?

    The minute you say rust you think iron. And that looks to be iron pyrite as far as I can tell from the picture. And looking from the picture I would be looking for oh gold, silver, tetrahedrate, copper and a host of other associated minerals.
  6. Colorado Ore

    website Five months ago my boy said dad let me improve your website. It has been down ever since will be starting over. WBB
  7. High Grade Silver

    DON'T DO EBAY. I never see rocks go for what they should. Go to and see if your silver is comparable to what is being sold there. If so contact Dr. Lavinsky. Whatever you do find one of the brokers. Sounds like you have some collectible specimens. Museums and such buy from brokers...
  8. Colorado Ore

    Ha ha ha LOL TN friends not fiends
  9. Colorado Ore

    My apologies colorado. We had some of TN fiends in photography section look at the wire gold. We were not able to bring it out so that it was presentable. I had really hoped to show you some of Cripple creek wire gold. They are single little strands of hair like pieces jutting up out of the...
  10. Colorado Ore

    I'm posting scope views because I have not found a camera that presents the ore as the eye sees it. Okay I heard you cripple creek.
  11. Need Help

    I need help from my treasure net friends. On my web page I have published a picture that appears to be nothing, but in the center of that picture is a piece of wire gold. could some of you photography Gurus help me bring it out so it can be seen. It is beyound me. It is on the gold page.
  12. Colorado Ore

    Posted pictures at the site under copper that we found in a vien this week at Texas Creek
  13. What is this unique "chert" material?

    Re: What is this unique "chert" material? I agree with baja. When I was a labor for the O.U. archeological team. I saw quite a few pieces of that type.
  14. unknown wire

    EU you are correct. It is on the first page. My first thought was that it was clothing threads when I saw it. But it is found in several different spots and it is definitely originating in the host rock. I can't really get a better shot with the software I am using. Baja it is in Bonanza...
  15. unknown wire

    Hi, I am working (key word working) on a website on micro photography of main vein samples of ore. I have posted on my main page a specimen of ore with some purple wire in the bottom picture. Any speculation on what this wire might be would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Colorado Ore

    Dear Friends; At the ripe old age of 59 I am attempting a web site with pictures of colorado ore. This ore is all from last year. I don't even know how to text, so this has been frusrtrating. It loads slow because I got the megapixels to high. I have some ore pictures from Sydney Moons Lost...
  17. is it legal to detect in a colroado national forest?

    LOl RG So true, so true. And if you write about it you don't have to know anything and it doesn;t have to be true. Also you don't have to break your back hauling a pack and metal detector.
  18. Pueblo area

    I sent you a pm on where you could access hope you got it
  19. is it legal to detect in a colroado national forest?

    It ils perfectly legal to prospect as long as it has noy been legaly withdrawn from mineral entry, such as a wilderness area. However around abanded buildings it gets tricky as much of colorados areas could technically be archeological sites. I always call Denver and seek their blessing as they...
  20. Mining Claims???

    so my son in law are out following and old road and it passed thru some of the top claims of colorado. On the way back thru some dogs headed toward me. I thought were wild, so I called over my backup shooter which yelled to me they were friendly dogs he could see people down there working a...