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  1. 💵 FOR SALE Minelab Etrak

    Got A pristine Minelab Etrak with Excalibur sniper coil for sale. I have used it about 25 times over the last dew months in all. It is adult owned and well taken care of. I have it disassembled and in the original manufactures box that it came in. I got a weather cover for the box so there are...
  2. 💵 FOR SALE Selling Metal Detectors/ equipment

    I am out of the hobby, so I am selling an entire lot of metal detecting equipment. The prime attraction is my Mine Lab Etrac that I am selling $1300 OBO plus shipping. I have only taken this detector out less then 25 times. The Etrac housing has been covered by an mine lab weather proof cover...
  3. Selling Metal Detectors/ equipment

    Can't figure out how to
  4. RAISED CENTER COIN (Repousse, Punch Pressed, Pop-Out or 3D)

    Today we found a Liberty pop-out on a 1914 Barber Quarter. It has eyelets on both top of bottom, which makes us believe it was part of a piece of jewelry.
  5. What does Platinum sound like on AT Pro

    I actually got a h4rs or whatever ring made of plat palladium gold and silver... came in 60-63.. 1 gram ring. Prolly the silver content made it ring so high vdi, excellent smooth mid tone tho. Told my son theres a gold ring as I ws bending to dig it... he said no way... well we were both right.
  6. The area between the sidewalk and the road.....

    I have done it.. both commercial and residential. If some one comes out and asks you not then move on politely. I have also had the cops called out too.. On commercial easement they simply ran my info and when I even volunteered to leave they said no.. continue as you please. On residential...

    Re: REDUCED PRICE - High tone Vaquero with 2 coils - $315 - REDUCED PRICE Waiting on a check from ARA....
  8. took out the pro today

    The less people that have them in my area the better! But seriously I seem to not be able to not recommend them to certain types. My buddies yes. and even old ladies believe it or not. But really the fewer here the better.. is that petty? LOL
  9. What does Platinum sound like on AT Pro

    What does Platinum sound like and what kinda VDI should I look for?
  10. 9 Function Metal Detector from Harbor Freight tools?

    go where you know there is a lot of clad and learn the thing and save the clad for a better machine.. that's how i started. It should find quarters at 4". Know your quarters they add up fast.
  11. Best Clean Sweep coil Tesoro combo with GB and Multy tone?

    I am looking for a Tesoro Clean Sweep coil and Tesoro machine that has GB. For fields and less trashy acreage. Need a GB feature as I live in a high mineral area. Would be nice to have multi tones too. Looking for jewelry and silvers. Budget atm is low but would be looking the $700 range for...
  12. Todays finds , old coins , silver & ring # 132

    Re: Todays finds , old coins , silver & ring # 132 Hey.. How's That M-6 do in dusty dry dirt? Just wondering cuss my buddies MXT Pro seems weak in the dryer stuff. We are highly materialised as well
  13. My Wife finds GOLD!!!

    Eat a bunch at the park and let the wrappers blow away lol....
  14. Big Boys Hobbies

    Can't go wrong with him.
  15. Big Boys Hobbies

    I just have to say after buying 2 AT Pros and a Garrett Pro pointer from Bart Davis that's the least I can do is say, "You just can't go wrong ordering from him." Honest, straight shooting, best prices, perfect service. A class act. I HIGHLY reccomend them.
  16. Perfect used Garrett AT Pro at a great price!!! SOLD!

    Re: Perfect used Garrett AT Pro at a great price!!! I baught 2 from this guy.. Can't wrong. No issues what so ever.
  17. Detector for Wife....

    That's a good 1. :tongue3:
  18. Detector for Wife....

    Needs fast recovery, ground balance, accurate VDI, Accurate pinpoint. Depth can be 6". Needs to be light.