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  1. ✅ SOLVED Very Dainty Brass Find- don’t even know where to start googling.

    Thank you!! I will start googling that! Do you have any idea in time period?
  2. ✅ SOLVED Very Dainty Brass Find- don’t even know where to start googling.

    Any ideas on what this could be? Very dainty… I thought female garment, but the hole is throwing me off. I think it’s too small to be something for furniture? Any help would be much appreciated!!
  3. Antique Bed from “Overseas” thoughts? Date/Orgin

    Sorry wrong piece of furniture! 🤦🏻*♀️
  4. Antique Bed from “Overseas” thoughts? Date/Orgin

    If it helps any... these are the ordinal knobs -
  5. Antique Bed from “Overseas” thoughts? Date/Orgin

    They are very similar!!! Thank you for the info!! I’ll start liking into American manufacturers in the time period!
  6. Antique Bed from “Overseas” thoughts? Date/Orgin

    A small antique dealer has this bed I’m interested in purchasing for $1000 ... unfortunately he has little detail on country of origin or time period. Was just wondering if anyone had thoughts or could share some expertise with me! Thank you!
  7. Iron my

    Thank you everyone!! [emoji173]️[emoji173]️ y’all are amazing!
  8. Iron my

    Found this piece around an area that I’ve found 1820’s-1900’s type artifacts. First 3 photos is out of the ground- second 3 are after a week in an electrolysis tank. I still have no idea...
  9. The "Eye"!! (??)

    Thanks y'all! I've been researching the O.F.S.S. today and it's been very interesting. Before we mark it 100% solved, I have one more question. All the eyes I've found for the society are anatomically left side, this eye is right side. Anyone know if there is some sort of symbolism or meaning to...
  10. The "Eye"!! (??)

    My dad found this piece today in a shallow creek. I'm honestly not sure if it's old or modern... But I assured him I knew about a kick-butt app and community that may!! [emoji109]🏻[emoji51]!! It's a solid 51 / 52 on the VDI scale. Anyone ever found something similar? Thanks y'all! Pavi
  11. Iron Contraption

    You are very right!! That's awesome! Thank you so much! Never had horses, so not familiar at all with the equipment. SoLVEd!! [emoji8]
  12. Iron Contraption

    So the area I was searching is the downstream creek-bed of an old grist mill and cotton gin built in 1824. Loads of awesome square nails of all sizes and even an axe head! My initial guess was maybe some sort of fastener? Or strapping mechanism? Any other thoughts or knowledge would be very...
  13. Bottle Information

    Lol! I admit, I get overly excited about anything that looks halfway old! 🙄 I've yet to find an intact bottle that predates the turn of the century! Just gotta keep looking, I guess!
  14. Bottle Information

    Thank you! That was very helpful! It does look more like a suction scar than a pontil!
  15. Bottle Information

    It is a light purple not as vibrant as that. I used that photo then bumped up the vibrancy and contrast so it would be easy to see the design. Thank you for the links. I guess the bottom is my biggest question?
  16. Bottle Information

    This bottle was found at the base of dune in a fairly remote location near Fort Walton Beach... from reading some of the posts here on treasure net, I felt like I knew the basics of how to judge the "round about" age of a bottle. This one has me kinda stumped? It looks as though the seam goes...
  17. Purple Bottle Found in Captain Cook, Hawaii

    Thanks for the information y'all! Hopefully the opportunity to hunt there on the big island is not too far in the future [emoji51]
  18. Purple Bottle Found in Captain Cook, Hawaii

    Found this bottle in Captain Cook, Hawaii near Kona on a coffee farm. Trying to find some information on the age and perhaps content? Any help would be appreciated! Height : 8.5 inches Largest width: 2.5 inches Bottom width: 2 inches
  19. ✅ SOLVED What is it? Fastener?

    I would venture to say you are 100% correct! With your help I was able google very similar sash buckles. Thanks TomPA!