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  1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Help Identifying Find - maybe button?

    Found this on a beach that has had English and French (French for maybe 5 years of that) activity starting around the mid 1500s. It is bronze I believe but have no clue what it could be.
  2. Cape Canaveral Shipwreck finds

    I do not support doing things illegally but man it would be fun to watch if someone "pillaged the village"
  3. Ian - metal detecting?

    I took my boat 6 hours south after taking 2 days off work and leaving at 1am so I could ferry some residents to Sanibel. I appreciate your post but some of us not only think about others, but we also do something about it. Back to the topic at hand. Did anyone look? Anyone score any gold?!
  4. Ian - metal detecting?

    Is it worth a 3 hour drive to scour the beaches and swing a detector down that way (sebastian/wabasso/vero)? The waves are supposed to be something fierce and wondering if itl strip enough sand away to make it worth swining the detector in 40mph winds and rain Fri/Sat
  5. treasure Bahamas news

    It really helps when homeboy is worth like $400 million dollars. I doubt he cares if he makes a penny and doubt he needs investors considering he has a live aboard yacht as well as an expedition yacht on site. Most treasure hunters are not worth nearly that much. Probably just asked the...
  6. Another couple attacks !!

    I was tarpon fishing off St. Augustine this last weekend and there were SO many sharks - drifting live baits through bait pods in 10-16 feet of water - 50 yards off the beach (if that) and there were some 6 footers busting the bait, a fair amount of 4 footers swimming around the boat at all...
  7. Where is all that Gold and Silver?

    Ok - there is a lot of misinformation going on in this thread. Cocoa Beach native here. Parents, Grandparents, Great Grandparents, Great Great. So - the islands Peg Leg pointed out. There is nothing on them. There is no spring or freshwater. We have been all over those island since were little...
  8. Queens Dowry...

    Anyone have any new info or ideas or anything on this? Its been years since I have posted so why not bring back an oldie but a goodie haha
  9. Hello - perhaps some help?

    I have been on this forum for a good while but did not know where else to post this. I entered a big wave surf contest in Florida and I could use your vote. Fan Favorite is a category. Thanks! Big Wave Challenge Big Wave Judges Pick Photo
  10. Is this man made?

    Haha - I posted it on here because everyone that lurks the shipwreck threads is super knowledgeable and I knew some people lived in the area as well. Before trying to research for hundreds of hours - thought I would post on here and ask; albeit maybe not related to shipwrecks. solid identify...
  11. Is this man made?

    I cannot find any info or anything about this. Cant imagine what it was used for in the 1980's? Seems like a shi*load of mud to be 30 years old haha logging platform maybe then?
  12. Is this man made?

    Is this man made? It is in the Jacksonville area and it is only like this in this one spot. The surrounding area is just mud banks. I have been here quite a few times but the tide was REALLY low and noticed this. It just looked way to uniform to be natural and it was double layered. thoughts?
  13. Not ENTIRELY shipwreck related...

    For those who dislike or like UNESCO; I saw this article and have heard many many opinions on UNESCO in this shipwreck forum. Feel free to discuss why or why you do not like UNESCO. Most unlikely UNESCO site: The empty citadel of Vietnam -
  14. Anyone done the math?

    Rope - I understand all of that and thank you. However - on this particular thread I do not feel like justifying myself in regards to what I can and cannot do :-). I will say though - quick and dirty - that I have worked nonstop on drill rigs in Nevada, was a maintenance man at a Florida...
  15. Anyone done the math?

    ^ much like today in regards to taxes haha Has anyone gotten a detailed account of the amount of contraband that was brought aboard? I remember not to long ago they found a small cannon with coins shoved in it. Just wonder how much they brought on there - seems the cannon stuffing indicates...
  16. Anyone done the math?

    Shame - us young guys (I'm 26) cant remember the "hay day" of the treasure hunting days and probably will never be able to become subcontractors due to our age (I guess you have to be old, have huge rigs, and established now a'days) and pocket book size. Suppose I should find a new hobby here...
  17. Anyone done the math?

    Or Brent is going to be suddenly flooded with requests for subcontracts!
  18. Anyone done the math?

    Haha Im just curious if anyone has done the math in regards to the 1715 manifests and what has been found and accounted for. an accurate ball park picture (not including contraband) of how much is left to be found.
  19. Treasure found, Fleet wreck..pull 4 million worth in royal 8 escudos

    Im jealous haha but thats awesome
  20. Two things...

    First off - is there any archives or libraries in Jacksonville or St. Augustine that would have old articles, letters, books, etc...the internet is fun and all but you cannot find everything on it, and I cannot afford to fly to Spain to sit in their archives, but perhaps there is something...