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  1. NEW V1.08 Software Update is Now Available!!!

    Go to Nokta-Makro Website---Go to the The Legend page---press the Software Update tab and follow the instructions
  2. V1.08 Upgrade Update Video from Dilek

    Click on the link below to see the latest update about Legend's new V1.08 software upgrade.
  3. UP Dates

    Go to Nokta Makro' website. Go to "The Legend" web page. Click on the "software update" tab. (on left side of the page) It will show you all the upate versions and an itemized list of the changes made with each version.
  4. help!?

    I believe it is a Spanish Cob coin. Google Spanish Cob Images for examples.
  5. lead seal/token?

    Check it with a magnet. Both ends of a wire were passed thru a lead seal and pulled tight around or thru an object. The lead was then crimped to seal it. When the seal was cut off and discarded, the wire ends would rust away and leave pieces of wire inside the lead. The wire pieces inside the...
  6. Rank Pin?

    It could be a rank pin that belonged to a crossing guard. Many schools in that era had student crossing guard squads. The squad members earned rank and wore their rank pin on a belt that crossed their chest.